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#51418800964411271 - Verification movie for reproducing the fully unlocked and cleared SRAM of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (U)

In 05:12.27 (18651 frames), 71768 rerecords
Uploaded 11/24/2018 3:25 PM by klmz (see all 1)
This movie is copied and modified from [3823] GBA Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow "game end glitch" by klmz in 05:07.56 using the same VBA-rr v23.6 svn480 emulator. It starts from power-on, completes the main quest as Soma, unlocks all of the extra game modes such as the Julius Mode, the BOSS RUSH mode etc. and clear the saved main quest game.
Note: According to the current knowledge about the game, this movie reproduces the same SRAM as any normal gameplay that has ever completed the main quest as Soma with the Good Ending (that defeats the Chaos boss and unlocks the SOUND MODE) and then deletes all of the saved game progress using the "Delete Data" feature from the title screen.

Instructions to verify whether a vbm starts from the same SRAM that this movie produces without needing to extract the SRAM from the vbm in question:
  1. Remove the corresponding sav file of the game.
  2. Launch the game in VBA-rr v23.6 or older and play this movie.
  3. Close the game after this movie ends. There must be a new sav file of the game generated, which now stores the fully unlocked and cleared SRAM.
  4. Backup the sav file as File #1 and remove or rename it, so that VBA-rr will no longer read from it.
  5. Relaunch the game, and there will be a new sav file generated but with different content in it.
  6. Play the vbm that you wants to verify against this and stop it before there there is any new write access to the SRAM. It's recommended to stop before the title screen shows up.
  7. Close the game so that the new sav file is properly updated with the same content embeded in the movie.
  8. Backup the newly updated sav file as File #2.
  9. Compare the content of File #1 with that of File #2: Iff the contents are identical, then it's verified that the vbm in question indeed starts from the same SRAM as that this verification movie reproduces.