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#55422944001805692 - Montezuma's Revenge Improved TAS

In 02:51.57 (10281 frames), 6269 rerecords
2 comments, 339 downloads
Uploaded 5/23/2019 11:17 PM by Lobsterzelda (see all 85)
This is an improved version of my Montezuma's Revenge submission, which includes dying in the first room of each level to save time and jumping at the end of the last level to save a little time.
on 5/24/2019 12:27 AM
Maybe your previous TAS could be a "deathless" run.
on 5/24/2019 12:54 AM
Quoting DJ Incendration
Maybe your previous TAS could be a "deathless" run.
Did you even watch the previous tas? Deaths were already being used in the previous submission.