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#57657183644724226 - Castlevania Chronicles PS1 (JPN) Botched Project

In 17:45.35 (63168 frames), 3313535 rerecords
Uploaded 9/1/2019 2:10 PM by Acedoubleguy1993 (see all 2)
A project which I unfortunately have no choice but had to abandon it because the Doppelganger in Japanese version has different AI routine than in U.S./International version so the fastest damage land choice in the current submission is not possible in Japanese version.
Recorded via Bizhawk 2.3.2 and most key strategy points are replicated from current submission of the game except 1) I altered boss fights against Ice Magician and Medusa to apply Japanese version strategy and 2) the pre-boss/pre-stage load times which I have no idea how to get around the Bizhawk load time quirks. Up to the first combo landed on 6-3 boss Doppelganger.
Anyone can leave a reply in the thread and retrieve the file if you need to deal with the game on your own, want to improve from my project files or interested in creating Japanese version TAS.