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#58158460419042196 - [Test Run] Castlevania Chronicles [JPN] by Aceearly1993

[Test Run] Castlevania Chronicles [JPN].bk2
In 26:01.84 (92606 frames), 3732677 rerecords
Uploaded 9/24/2019 3:58 AM by Acedoubleguy1993 (see all 2)
I revamped the Stage 5 and Stage 6 a little bit and made it possible to get around the different Doppelganger AI in JPN version, but the Giant Bat at Block 8-2 just won't give me a better position to get around it without slowing down, and Dracula didn't give me a better position like in the current submission.
I'd have to ask someone who could do the RAM adjust stuff in order to finish this project. There's actually nothingelse that could be done to the game, only the side effect of invisible wall glitch at the map transition screen post Block 6-3 (exclusive in JPN version) is left to be discovered but I don't think the glitch will be THAT useful.
Anyone can leave a reply in the thread and retrieve the file if you need to deal with the game on your own, want to improve from my project files or interested in creating Japanese version TAS as I might be not focusing on these anymore. It hurts that I'm not able to deal with RAM address adjust myself...