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#60612546632487924 - Joe & Mac WIP 1

Joe & Mac - Tatakae Genshijin (Japan).smv
In 01:20.78 (4855 frames), 655 rerecords
Game: Joe & Mac ( SNES, see all files )
Uploaded 1/12/2020 4:28 PM by Chutacoacko_Playz (see all 9)
Requires snes9x-rr v1.51 v7 win32. All other emulators desync. Also requires Japanese version.
Q1: Why did you play in the Japanese version?
A1: It saves a lot of time in title screen.
Q2: How did you run?
A2: Press L or R whatever direction the player is facing.
Q3: Why did you choose easy mode?
A3: It decreases boss HP, but have stupid invinciblity frames.
Q4: Why does it boot up by title screen instantly?
A4: I used a reset when the intro for Data East is being used in code.
And that's it for the Joe & Mac WIP 1!
Comments This run does only stage 1. New WIP does more.
I lost a few frames in that level to spawn the rolling caveman. When running on him, the player will run on the caveman at the same speed, saving a lot of time. Used in RTA WR.