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#63157221188737656 - Luminous Arc WIP (chapters 1 and 2, redone)

Luminous Arc any (re-menu).dsm

Uploaded 5/6/2020 6:52 AM by Nietono (5 files)

For Nintendo DS

In 08:35.69 (30852 frames), 4439 rerecords

5610 views, 213 downloads

Saved 146 frames through better dialogue skipping and selecting a Vitae name sooner.
Saved 4 frames confirming destinations and starting battles with touch screen instead of buttons.
Lost 6 frames waiting to start the 1st battle for better AI RNG.
Saved 1 frame starting the 2nd battle sooner.
Saved 2495 frames with a better 1st battle (though some of this is a false time save since less EXP and fewer levels were gained).
Saved 25 frames with a better 2nd battle (would've saved more but Alph leveled an extra time due to not leveling in the 1st battle).
2665 frames saved overall (down to 30852 from 33517).
Theo attacking Leon is RNG manipulation to avoid a miss later in the fight.
The most interesting trick is probably touch screen storage; touching the screen while switching input mode to button mode results in that touch input being executed when switching back to touch screen mode. Changing the input mode can also be done during certain menu sections without losing any frames. Together these are used to save a frame when waiting in a different direction to the one selected by default.

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