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#637798894512418864 - Wario's Woods with Round 99 Fanfare

Wario's Woods (USA) R99 Fanfare.bk2
In 34:27.00 (124232 frames), 30746 rerecords
Game: Wario's Woods ( SNES, see all files )
Uploaded 2/8/2022 3:57 AM by PoochyEXE (see all 26)
Slightly modified version of that lets the special fanfare play out upon clearing Round 99 before proceeding to the ending cutscene.
This is the only speed/entertainment tradeoff in the movie, making it 291 frames longer. However, by standards it would still clock in with the same time, since for RTA the timer would start on frame 431 and stop on frame 123,839 for a total length of 123,408 frames or 34:16.80.