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#637961143452238172 - Moonball Magic (FDS) Up to Level 11

Moonball Magic (Japan) [b] LEVEL 0 TIME BABEY.bk2
In 04:13.30 (15223 frames), 9 rerecords
Game: Moonball Magic ( FDS, see all files )
Uploaded 8/14/2022 10:52 PM by enderpal7 (see all 37)
A little known FDS Pinball game. There are 11 stages and I am on the last one. Not gonna finish it tonight, but it certainly will be finished soon. The last level does seem like a tricky one too. This game is interesting in that you can easily manipulate the pinball by shaking the table and there is no penalty for it, so you bet your sweet nelly I abuse that constantly. In some levels, you must collect angels before you can enter the hole to exit the level, which can be annoying, but I've worked around it. The reason this file has a weird name is because 1, there is a level before the first level as an introduction, and 2, I had to do Level 0 again because the first time I did it kinda slowly and hoped I could use TASproj to fix it in post. I got to Level 9 before I realised I couldn't fix it because the trajectory of the pinball is not the same at the start of every level, meaning I'd have to adjust as I go or start again. I chose to start again. And look at me now! Pretty sure this one is faster in multiple cases as well, so it was for the best. Anyway, hope to finish this soon.