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Castle of Doom PRAC 1.bk2
In 02:41.88 (8138 frames), 2513 rerecords
System: Virtual Boy
Uploaded 8/17/2023 11:31 AM by enderpal7 (37 files)
64 frame improvement over submission

#638243717877117691 - Shikinjou (GG) Up to Level 46

Shikinjou (J) Prac.bk2
In 32:11.67 (115751 frames), 10 rerecords
Game: Shikinjou (GG)
Uploaded 7/8/2023 12:09 AM by enderpal7 (37 files)
wow this game is slightly laborious. still, at least ZenicReverie figured out all the optimal routes already. makes my life easier.

#638219528219394191 - The Great Battle IV - Second WIP, up to Helicopter Boss

Great Battle IV, The (Japan) WIP For Fun I THink - Copy.bk2
In 15:48.89 (57027 frames), 53 rerecords
Game: The Great Battle IV (SNES)
Uploaded 6/10/2023 12:13 AM by enderpal7 (37 files)
Hey, look at me! Trying to complete one of my WIP's!! I do hope to finish this one because I love this game's aesthetic and soundtrack. Not sure how to approach this boss, reckon I'll use Ultraman's rocket launcher to get a large amount of hits in, because trying to hit it with Kamen Rider's flying kick is not gonna be sustainable. I ahve too many WIP's why did I DO THIS TO MYSELF hrhrnrgbhr


Tetris Battle Gaiden (Japan) Cooler WIP 1 1.bk2
In 18:39.99 (67310 frames), 154 rerecords
Game: Tetris Battle Gaiden (SNES)
Uploaded 5/10/2023 2:10 AM by enderpal7 (37 files)
Turns out the smiley faces DO leave automatically. Whoops! Can't believe I missed that. Actually kinda embarrassed I missed that

#638188448001529711 - Tetris Battle Gaiden: Tower Method, Full Game

Tetris Battle Gaiden (Japan) Cooler WIP 1.bk2
In 18:44.57 (67585 frames), 145 rerecords
Game: Tetris Battle Gaiden (SNES)
Uploaded 5/5/2023 12:53 AM by enderpal7 (37 files) Finally done! Will be uploading this soon, but not tonight. I'm rather sleeby :)
The final time is 18:44.57 (Or it should be, if I've uploaded the right file), which is 5-6 minutes faster than the RTA record on, which is 24:32.
Also, yeah I didn't realise there were nine matches until I got to the ninth. Whoops
Time ends when I press A after the last smiley face lands, which is sad because if that wasn't necessary I could stop the movie when I activate the powerup presumably. Oh well
Let me know if my movie sucks and is bad, and I'll happily respond by crying myself to sleep and ripping my laptop into pieces (JOKE)

#638185023176694446 - Tetris Battle Gaiden: Tower Method, 4/8 Battles Completed

Tetris Battle Gaiden (Japan) Cooler WIP 1.bk2
In 08:15.98 (29808 frames), 139 rerecords
Game: Tetris Battle Gaiden (SNES)
Uploaded 5/1/2023 1:45 AM by enderpal7 (37 files)
Finally getting through one of my many, many WIP's. Some piece orders are better than others but I'm getting the job done ykwim

#638165118143625146 - Tetris Battle Gaiden: Tower Method, 2/8 Battles Completed

Tetris Battle Gaiden (Japan) Cooler WIP 1.bk2
In 04:12.88 (15198 frames), 137 rerecords
Game: Tetris Battle Gaiden (SNES)
Uploaded 4/8/2023 12:50 AM by enderpal7 (37 files)
Japanese-only Tetris game for the SNES. Watched a speedrun of Tetris Battle Gaiden, figured that with tools I could do it faster. This file is of the first two stages of the game. This method follows these steps
1.Select the character Aladdin 2.Pile to the top of the board as quickly as possible 3.Clear a line containing three powerup blocks 4.Cut off any gaps in the top row of blocks, so none or few can get past 5.Use Aladdin's power to copy your board ans send it to the opponent 6.Watch them flail

#638163404971185589 - Metal Slug: 1st Mission WIP (Emphasis on the IP)

Metal Slug - 1st Mission (World) (En,Ja) I am making too many WIP's.bk2
In 08:51.29 (32012 frames), 8 rerecords
Uploaded 4/6/2023 1:14 AM by enderpal7 (37 files)
This is what I've done so far for Metal Slug 1st Mission. Part of the problem is figuring out whether I should pick up machine gun ammo or if I should knife everyone. I think I've done it wrong honestly, gonna have to seriously rejig this one.

#638161640436682514 - SD The Great Battle IV (Japan SFC) WIP

Great Battle IV, The (Japan) WIP For Fun I THink - Copy.bk2
In 08:05.93 (29204 frames), 46 rerecords
Game: The Great Battle IV (SNES)
Uploaded 4/4/2023 12:14 AM by enderpal7 (37 files)
What a gem!!! Part of the Great Battle series, which is a Japan-exclusive super-deformed crossover between Kamen Rider, Gundam and Ultraman. The first game is a barebones topdown shooter thingy, 2 and 3 are beat-em-ups. 4 and 5 are fun-as-hell platformers for the SNES (and 6 is a terrible platformer for the PLaystation). If I ever finish this TAS, I may try to TAS 5 or maybe even 6. This series seems very underrated, so it seems right, though I have like six or seven WIP files for various games so yeahhhh maybe nothing will ever get done. Who Knows (PS I hope to finish Ruruli Ra Rura, just need to figure out what item to get to pass the barrier to get to tghe next boss)


Iros Final.bk2
In 07:44.37 (27870 frames), 3484 rerecords
Game: Iros (Uzebox)
Uploaded 3/6/2023 10:57 AM by enderpal7 (37 files)
Lowered the frame count by 80 frames, thanks to DrD2K9's tips and some tinkering of my own