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#638108813419392616 - Binding of Isaac "Sheol" gl resync + 38 frame improvement

In 01:50.67 (3320 frames), 4398 rerecords
Game: The Binding of Isaac (Flash)
Uploaded 2/1/2023 8:49 PM by rythin (6 files)
After initially submitting I was made aware of the fact that gl and vulkan desyncing between one another is an issue only on my PC. Thanks to -7's efforts in pinpointing the cause of the issue, as noted in the submission thread, I was able to resync the first two floors relatively easily. I later managed to resync 4 more floors, and the final 3 I ended up redoing from scratch, which resulted in better floorgen RNG for Sheol and saved 38 frames over the submission.