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#638108813419392616 - Binding of Isaac "Sheol" gl resync + 38 frame improvement

In 01:50.67 (3320 frames), 4398 rerecords
System: Adobe Flash
Uploaded 2/1/2023 8:49 PM by rythin (4 files)
After initially submitting I was made aware of the fact that gl and vulkan desyncing between one another is an issue only on my PC. Thanks to -7's efforts in pinpointing the cause of the issue, as noted in the submission thread, I was able to resync the first two floors relatively easily. I later managed to resync 4 more floors, and the final 3 I ended up redoing from scratch, which resulted in better floorgen RNG for Sheol and saved 38 frames over the submission.

#638066324700258232 - Dad 'n Me 1080p

In 01:42.64 (4619 frames), 1779 rerecords
Game: Dad 'n Me (Flash)
Uploaded 12/14/2022 4:34 PM by rythin (4 files)
Redid the initial mouse menuing to sync at 1440x1080, rather than the native 640x480.

#638063627146441647 - First minute of Slowdrive

In 01:13.45 (4407 frames), 380 rerecords
Game: Slowdrive (Linux)
Uploaded 12/11/2022 1:38 PM by rythin (4 files)
Abandoned this a while ago, uploading in case I have the energy to continue in the future or if someone else would like to take a stab at it.
Encode for those curious:

#637878630453595435 - Portal: The Flash Version TAS with level skip

In 00:14.09 (634 frames), 6 rerecords
Uploaded 5/11/2022 10:50 AM by rythin (4 files)
Made this a while ago, figured it wasn't really worth submitting but might as well put it up here. Syncs on 1.4.3 with the same settings as the no level skips submission or on the newest interim build (28/04/22) with clock_gettime() monotonic enabled.