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#638220910944386136 - Majora's Mask (ENG) - 90r First Cycle TAS

Majora's Mask (ENG) - 90r First Cycle TAS.bk2
In 18:15.42 (65725 frames), 20600 rerecords
Uploaded 6/11/2023 2:38 PM by BruceShankle (see all 4)
Message: This is the worlds best TAS of First Cycle for Majora's Mask (English version), made by Bruce Shankle & Fox. Please give credit to both of us if these inputs are used in a TAS.
Details: This route of first cycle deposits 90 rupees into the bank, with no extra items collected and no map indexes obtained.
General Route (with author credits):
Human in Lost Woods - Bruce Shankle First 2 deku link rooms - Bruce Shankle Deku flower flying room - Fox Clock Tower movement - Fox (ported to English from JP 1.0 by Bruce Shankle) Movement to Stock Pot Inn - Bruce Shankle Stock Pot Inn - Fox Movement to West Clock Town - Bruce Shankle West Clock Town - Fox Pass time to night of the final day with scarecrow - Bruce Shankle East Clock Town Stray Fairy - Bruce Shankle RNG manipulated 99 rupees in Termina Field - Bruce Shankle Obtain magic - Bruce Shankle Deposit rupees - Bruce Shankle Clip OOB for playaround - Fox Playaround while waiting for time to pass to midnight - Bruce Shankle Obtain the Ocarina and Song of Time - Bruce Shankle End
OriginalEmuVersion Version 2.6.1 Platform N64 GameName Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask (USA) SHA1 D6133ACE5AFAA0882CF214CF88DABA39E266C078 Core Mupen64Plus rerecordCount 20600