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#638272336757766254 - LOTAD -- DS LEGO Batman: The Videogame "Villain Hunt" 13:11.527

KnuxMaster368 -- LBDS VH.bk2
In 13:11.53 (47354 frames), 12119 rerecords
System: Nintendo DS
Uploaded 8/10/2023 3:07 AM by KnucklesMaster368 (see all 21)
A quick LOTAD of the Villain Hunt mode of this game. (literally made in less than a week)
Typically, to unlock Villain Hunt you have to get True Villain in every level, which takes too long and would require a savestate, but the All Levels in-game cheat code unlocks it too. All Extras cheat code is used to activate Fast Build and One-Shot
Starting on a new file has one added bonus: when beating the Villain Hunt levels for the first time, if you beat them in order, the menu cursor automatically takes you to the next level with no d-pad movement.
Emulator used: BizHawk 2.8 (linux)
By RTA timing, this is 12:36.570, currently almost four minutes faster than the current WR.
Villain Hunt mode gives you a fixed set of eight Hero Characters (Batman, Robin, Huntress, Azrael, Rocket Launcher SWAT, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, and Harvey Bullock) to hunt across ten of the game's thirty levels (1-1H, 1-2V, 1-5H, 2-1H, 2-2H, 2-4V, 2-5V, 3-1H, 3-2H, 3-5H).
Tech to note:
  • Grapple clipping: Double jumping characters can jump on the lower lip of a grapple hook placed low enough. This is used in Level 1 at the start and Level 4 near the end.
  • Bomb clipping: This is the most important tech in the game. When a bomb is placed close enough to a door, the collision from the front side will be a greater force than the wall/door pushing back, allowing you to clip through doors. This is utilized in every level extensively.
  • Height storage: By switching to a different character in the roster while you are about to either jump or get off a ladder, the upwards vertical velocity will be stored, and released remotely once swapping back to that character, allowing you to gain additional height or distance mid-air. Utilized in every level.
Time in each level: (TAS time/RTA equivalent)
LevelTime (TAS/RTA Eq)Segment FramesTotal FramesSegment Time
Enter Killer Moth0:32.176/0:00.0001925192532.176
Killer Moth1:39.421/1:07.245402359481:07.245
Dr. Hugo Strange5:07.173/4:34.9979228183772:34.247
Mr. Zsasz6:13.733/5:41.5573982223591:06.559
Black Mask7:10.213/6:38.03733792573856.480
Ventriloquist & Scarface9:02.255/8:30.07832713244154.675
Ra's Al Ghul9:57.047/9:24.87032783571954.792
Joker Tropical13:08.936/12:36.7606838471991:54.298
Final Input13:11.597/12:36.760155473542.591
Known optimizations exist:
  • generally:
    • cleaner pause buffering for chained jump storage where necessary (1-3s)
    • tighten execution on menuing between levels (<0.5s)
    • optimize jump storages and other movement (1+ s)
  • clean up room 2 in lv2 (1-3s)
  • chained jump storage instead of final ladder in lv3 (0-4s)
  • chained jump storage instead of ladder storage in lv4 (4-6s)
  • chained jump storage in rm2 lv6 (0-3s)
  • find way to unlock the roster in rm 2 lv8 after clearing gap (if possible 1-3s)
Goal time when sumbitting to TASVideos given these saves: under 12:50 (Under 12:15 by RTA timing)