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#68973788837652598 - [WIP] Ganbare Goemon: Ooedo Daikaiten "2 Players"

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Ganbare Goemon: Ōedo Daikaiten (がんばれゴエモン〜大江戸大回転〜), is a Goemon game released for the PlayStation on March 29, 2001.[1]
A villain named Ecorori kidnaps Omitsu, and it is up to Goemon and his crew to stop him.
The game is extremely similar to Ganbare Goemon 2 for Super Famicom and Goemon's Great Adventure in that there's mostly side-scrolling levels, accompanied by some Impact bosses and all of its music and sound effects are recycled from the previous games like Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Goemon's Great Adventure and Mononoke Suguroku. Unlike previous Goemon games, which have used sprites or 3-D models for the characters, the characters are now represented by pre-rendered CGI, giving them a quasi-3-D look. Also, Yae is featured in her outfit that first appeared in Goemon Mononoke Sugoroku.
- Charaters
  • Goemon (Guy in Blue Hair and Red Outfit)
Main Weapon: Pipe Special: Chain Pipe (Use it to latch on to the golden boxes with crosses on them. Use up or down to make the chain longer and improve you chances of making long jumps. Jump of the chain pipe latch NEAR the top of a swing to get the best jump from it.) Projectile Weapon: Ryo Toss Charged Up Projectile Weapon: Flaming Ryo Toss
  • Ebisumaru (Fat Guy in all Blue Outfit)
Main Weapon: Fan Special: Fan Float Projectile Weapon: Ninja Star Charged Up Projectile Weapon: Super Ninja Star (Bounces off of walls.)
  • Sasuke (Robot with Blue Hair and Green Outfit)
Main Weapon: Shruiken Special: Swim (Hit the square button to charge-attack into enemies.) Projectile Weapon: Bomb Charged up Projectile Weapon: Big Bomb
  • Yae (Girl with Green Hair and Purple Outfit)
Main Weapon: Sword Special: Swim (Hit the square button to charge-attack into enemies.) Projectile Weapon: Cannon Shot Charged Up Projectile Weapon: Targeted Cannon Shots