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#71050373912860601 - RTA Theory Quickest Basaquer

In 00:14.09 (847 frames), 216 rerecords
Game: Ninja Gaiden ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 4/26/2021 6:09 PM by StuckInAPlate (see all 2)
This route is probably the fastest RTA viable kill for Basaquer. I don't think this is practically useful for full game speedruns because the execution is very tight, but it might be fun to attempt as an IL. I played this in real time at 12.5% speed to give it a slightly more organic feel. The main points are: 1) Jump ASAP holding Right 2) Use a flame on the ascent and get in position for the descending flame (+2 damage = 2 total) 3) Use a flame then hold Right ASAP when Ryu begins descending (+3 damage = 5 total) 4) Turn to face left and use a standing flame ASAP when Ryu lands (+3 damage = 8 total) 5) Time another standing flame to hit Basaquer as he jumps (+3 damage = 11 total) 6) Hold Right during standing flame animation and jump as soon as Ryu turns around 7) Use a flame while moving as far right as possible (+3 damage = 14 total) 8) At the peak of Ryu's jump, slash-cancel -> slash (+2 damage = 16 total = hooray!)