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#73040317691794869 - Abe's Exoddus 100% TAS - Wont't Save Inputs on 2.6


Uploaded 7/25/2021 8:59 AM by Samtastic (88 files)

For Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (PSX)

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I'm having an issue with my input file on 2.6. The game won't recognize my inputs.

DJ Incendration on 7/25/2021 9:23 AM
Have you tried version 2.6.2?
Spikestuff on 8/1/2021 1:23 PM
Just to point it out the "issue" was brought up to the GitHub and was answered there:
TL;DR about the answer: You should be expecting to get desyncs when there are actual core differences.
This is the same "issue" you had last time where you weren't able to sync anything cause we told you last time as well there was a core update where you should be expecting desyncs.

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