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#38764902600522359 - Zook Man ZX4 - Intro miniboss skip (long set-up)

In 01:43.92 (6207 frames), 684 rerecords
Game: Zook Man ZX4 ( GBA, see all files )
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Uploaded 5/3/2017 6:29 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
For record keeping, this is how to skip the miniboss in the intro. Shame that setting this up takes more time than just smashing the miniboss.
We also can't Ghost Fall down the next segment. We're not at the right edge of the screen.
on 5/3/2017 6:33 PM
If only there was a way to manipulate the closest enemy in walking over the gap, instead of falling into oblivion...