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#638085110562205365 - SNES Ghoul Patrol - 1-2 Partial - Hyperspeed dashing

In 00:11.83 (711 frames), 461 rerecords
Game: Ghoul Patrol ( SNES, see all files )
Uploaded 1/5/2023 10:24 AM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
BackJumps into Perma-Sprint. If ever you wanted to see just how powerful Perma-Sprint is, here you go.
The start here is to pick up a Mortar weapon early in the stage. Then the BackJumps are used to reach 4+ pixels per frame, so that we can peacefully charge up Sprint mode while outpacing the camera. We go for a swim right after, triggering Perma-Sprint and you can see what that means for our hero. We even found a door we can simply clip through because the terrain there is hollow, and Perma-Sprint is so fast we can pick up the Mortar in there and continue on our merry way all before the camera catches up.
After that, I'm not entirely sure what precision planning is happening for the last two victims. Disorganized notes, I say. It reflects where I stopped in my TASing of this particular stage as well.

#638084669804974363 - Ghoul Patrol - 1-1 Partial - To Snail

In 00:14.44 (868 frames), 1065 rerecords
Game: Ghoul Patrol ( SNES, see all files )
Uploaded 1/4/2023 10:09 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
This little segment was worked on by me before we just sort of dropped things. I wanted to see how early we can spawn a snail, didn't attempt to manipulate the luck to have it going west quickly.
As far as we can tell, it's best to mostly follow T8's route through this level. A few early items are picked up. The second key we pick up is called the Embedded Programming Key, where we BackSlide into a terrain embed to grab it off the desk rather than jump. The first actual wall we clip through is actually "hollow," with a single tile gap inside it that allows us to bypass it with a speed much lower than 16 pixels/frame. We then work our way north and stopped at the snail manipulation.
The rest of the route is basically planned to be T8, except that we set up Perma-Sprint on a bench while waiting for the imps to kill victims for us advance upon victims that we horrifyingly are unable to save.

#74799479026510261 - SNES Ghoul Patrol - DTC10 T8's script

Game: Ghoul Patrol ( SNES, see all files )
Uploaded 10/12/2021 2:22 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
This was the script we developed in the DTC. Has hitboxes, position, and speed. And a few random things. This was my version, without the side-radar.

#51619615831003777 - NES Donald Land - Timing script

Game: Donald Land ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 12/3/2018 4:28 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
All this one does is look at a few addresses to figure out when stages begin or end, as an assist to figuring out when we completed them.

#51619579062148959 - NES Donald Land - Terrain script

Game: Donald Land ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 12/3/2018 4:26 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
Shows terrain boxes. Has an incomplete thing I was trying, the list of special terrain IDs are at the top, but that table wasn't used. Has something else I hacked together to show special IDs I'm looking for instead, rather critical in attacking the Sky World boss where I wasn't supposed to.
Colored boxes are used to point out bits of terrain I'm not sure about. Otherwise, the white boxes are close to accurate of what I think they are. Busies up the emulator a bit.

#51619492272730334 - NES Donald Land - General purpose script

Game: Donald Land ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 12/3/2018 4:20 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
Shows hitboxes and a bunch of information. It's also our RAM Watch, but that was underutilized anyway. It has my guess on Ronald's hitbox rather than anything firmly known.
It also has my early guess on the wall hit detection, although now I realize the magic pixel is just at the feet level and not the vertical orange bars I put down. The green vertical bar was to assist in figuring out the item collection, and seems mostly accurate.
The "average speedometer" and "distance check" on the left needs to be calibrated to the start of each stage.

#47117049451414724 - NES R.C. Pro-Am 2 - 24 tracks

In 20:45.67 (74863 frames), 14962 rerecords
Game: R.C. Pro-Am II ( NES, see all files )
1 comment, 722 downloads
Uploaded 5/14/2018 9:53 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
Skipped a few money pick-ups, but I still have $190 to spare when I get Mega Engine. There doesn't seem to be that many slow choices to skip now.
I have no idea why there are two invisible nitros in track 24. I happened to be viewing the CPU's nitro count when I saw it climb to 1 when I thought I picked up all the nitros. Sure enough, when I drive over that spot, I get a nitro. The location is after the sequential pair of zippers, the first ones you come across after starting the race, the ones right before the first time you fly past the crossover. As you hug the far wall, the same side as the zippers you will pick up two mystery nitros, the second one being near that dirt patch ahead.
If a CPU car drives over rough terrain, and no one is around to see it, does it slow?

#46504918498613359 - NES R.C. Pro-Am 2 - 16 tracks, again.

In 14:02.55 (50637 frames), 8521 rerecords
Game: R.C. Pro-Am II ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 4/17/2018 8:16 AM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
Well, manipulation worked. Apparently the RNG was already set up correctly. At least enough for my script to find some possibilities when I left my last upload.
50540 cash after race 15. Enough to ditch a few money bags I picked up and still get Mega. 46140 cash after race 14, the difference between Black and Silver would mean an earlier Mega. 42090 cash after race 13. Skip Red and Skinny's, get Black, and we might have Mega then!
It does feel right to get Red for r2, Silver for r4, Skinny's for r5, and Mega for r16. Black for r3 and Mega for r14 is apparently possible, but then it's Black+Standard vs. Silver+Skinny's for r5 to r13, among other differences.
... Yeesh, the lag. It's the reason I went into that side spot for the extra life in race 13. Not taking it meant lag. It might be that taking every money bag I did avoids lag, so who knows?

#46316724679111682 - NES R.C. Pro-Am 2 - Get 2nd car by race 5

In 04:28.29 (16124 frames), 3119 rerecords
Game: R.C. Pro-Am II ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 4/8/2018 8:51 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
This is what race 5 looks like when you manipulate a few letters to be exactly what you need. All those times where that yellow car frustrated you in the first game, watching this yellow car speed ahead is probably making you remember those times.
Four Score used because I needed player 4. Player 4 needed because of luck manipulation. Said luck was looking at player 4's letters collected for two of race 4's packs. By the arrangement I had for race 4, my script claimed there was only 2 possible timers out of 256 that could have worked. It's possible selecting a different player could work, but being player 4 maximizes chance of things working out in race 4.
Race 6 might be next to impossible to manipulate. There are six letter packs, two of them linked to each other on the same manipulation. Since these two are the same, they must be I, as that's the only one I can collect two of. The other four must be R O A M, as none of the remaining letters can pick player 4, and the other cars all have cheated their letter P by now.
Next to impossible doesn't actually mean impossible, there's some theoretical code path that will make it work. It's just a matter of finding a practical code path.

#46246125573589327 - NES R.C. Pro-Am 2 - 16 tracks

In 14:42.60 (53043 frames), 6931 rerecords
Game: R.C. Pro-Am ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 4/5/2018 4:33 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
Mostly just trying optimal turns and such.
Apparently you don't lose speed for turning sharply? But only when at max speed? And not with the default engine?
I messed up in the Tug-o-Truck challenge. Well, sure. I win it pretty fast. I just haven't accounted for the speed dropping down a notch when you try to speed up beyond some threshold.
No real planning was done when TASing this. I just sort of dived in and got this so far.