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#46246125573589327 - NES R.C. Pro-Am 2 - 16 tracks

In 14:42.60 (53043 frames), 6931 rerecords
Game: R.C. Pro-Am ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 4/5/2018 4:33 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
Mostly just trying optimal turns and such.
Apparently you don't lose speed for turning sharply? But only when at max speed? And not with the default engine?
I messed up in the Tug-o-Truck challenge. Well, sure. I win it pretty fast. I just haven't accounted for the speed dropping down a notch when you try to speed up beyond some threshold.
No real planning was done when TASing this. I just sort of dived in and got this so far.

#44907750707175428 - R.C. Pro-Am - Nifty script

Uploaded 2/4/2018 9:58 AM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
The script has a few features.
On the left, taking advantage of the 8 pixels of dead zone, I have a speed visual that basically deconstructs what effect your current velocity has. Colors are used to denote target speed, and the left vertical bar shows how much of an 8 MPH threshold is filled. Tick marks are used for 1 MPH increments, but meeting these tick marks have no impact on the player's position. Filling the rectangles do, representing these 8 MPH thresholds.
As well, the console output is also used to spit out frame counts automatically (using register exec functions) on how long it took to complete each race. There is a disabled feature in this script that would also use this output for checkpoints, letting the TASer know when the player has hit the next segment of the track. Uncomment a line with LogCheckpoints() (under function BasicHUD) in it to activate.
Finally, the numbers display. Shame my memory of the script is basically nil on the details here, but so it goes. I recommend experimenting a bit, and if that isn't helping, open the script and look for my comments in BasicHUD. I do have a habit of using hexadecimal if the numbers line up better that way.

#38772079162299411 - R.C. Pro-Am 1 Loop, All 1st Place Finishes (24 tracks)

R.C. Pro-Am.bk2
In 20:53.34 (75324 frames), 6575 rerecords
Game: R.C. Pro-Am ( NES, see all files )
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Uploaded 5/4/2017 2:15 AM by Ouijawii (see all 1)
This Tasproj was created using BizHawk 1.11.9
In this WIP of my R.C. Pro-Am TAS I aim to finish all 24 tracks, or 1 loop, as fast as possible while also finishing 1st place on each track. This is not a redundant goal as making use of the orange car's speedup mechanic and allowing it to finish first would technically be a faster goal, and one I plan to work on once this one is complete. For those wondering, once you shoot 10 cars, the orange car immediately speeds up to max speed (127 mph) for the remainder of the track, so carrying over 9 shots on the shot counter and shooting the green or blue car as the next track begins will automatically trigger the orange car's speed boost for that track.
For this goal though, I aim to achieve a 1st place finish on all 24 tracks as quickly as possible, by use of picking up all power-ups, hitting all zips, and cutting all corners as closely as possible. Turning corners in the game is the real challenge for frame saves, as sometimes the angle at which you approach and your current speed will influence multiple turns going forward.
This is my first attempt at a TAS of this game using this goal, and although it came out well, I would guess there may be upwards of 100-200 or so frames to save, so I plan to redo this (possibly with help) and touch up on troublesome areas. Some turns were done differently from one lap to the next because they ended up using an equal number of frames, while the majority of them I kept in for the purpose of studying them later to find the fastest route.
Most tracks are straightforward and don't need an explanation, so the ones that do are listed below:
Track 2: Hitting the oil slick and spinning into the power up item saved frames over going around the slick. One key thing to know is when you hit an oil slick you maintain whatever speed you were at for the duration of the spin-out.
Track 3: On lap 2, bumping the wall in between the two zips slowed me down but allowed to get a better angle set up for the next couple of turns. I kept it in the movie because I'm not 100% certain which strat is faster yet.
Track 5: On the last lap you see me bump the wall while avoiding the rain cloud. The choices at that juncture were to 1) bump the wall, 2) clip the cloud, 3) slow down and avoid the cloud, or 4) go around it. I chose the option in the moment that ended up saving more frames but I feel this situation may be able to be avoided with a more optimal setup leading to that point.
Track 11: I feel that maybe leaving 1 of the first 2 power-ups to be picked up on lap #2 may have been faster. Would also like to test not bumping the wall after the tire pickup vs. what was done here.
Track 12: Whoa we lapped everybody!
Track 13: There are some really precise turns that are frame perfect and only at certain angles and speeds that I believe can be slightly better optimized. Overall this was the hardest track to TAS. The last lap of it can most certainly be improved but I grew weary trying and wanted to move on.
Track 14: Some spin-out swag at the end shaves a few frames and wasn't used in the previous lap due to setup concerns going forward.
Track 17: Very fun track, I used some oil slick spin-out tricks to save frames on the turn. I had a hard time finding a setup for track 2 and wound up clipping the water up ahead, so some frames can be saved there.
Track 18: This one came out really nice.
Track 19: For the first two laps you see me make use of the oil slick spin-outs to get a better angle at the next turn. On the third lap I decided to take the lower route and see how many frames slower it was. I believe 10 was the final result but this game isn't as straight forward as others so it's a bit tricky to judge.
Track 21: Graceful beauty. My favorite track.
Track 22: More oil slick abuse goodness.
Track 24: Long and boring, the only concern here are the tight turns 3/4 through each lap.
I wanted to upload this WIP now because I don't know when I will get back to working on it, so if someone else wants to take a stab I welcome any help I can get.

#35046123303113632 - (NES) R.C. Pro-Am - All pick-ups, all gold, 48 tracks done

In 39:06.21 (141005 frames), 26889 rerecords
Game: R.C. Pro-Am ( NES, see all files )
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Uploaded 11/17/2016 7:03 AM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
  • Must place 1st
  • Must collect all items
    • Allowing a CPU to pick up an invincibility is a failure
Well. Here it is. 48 tracks of racing madness. This definitely feels like the appropriate stopping point, as 49 is just like 25. Every loop past the second is exactly as tough as the second loop, so 48 is our natural stopping point.
Besides that, dealing with CPU players who stay routinely at 127 MPH does make for a challenge when you max out at 103. TAS precision does not appear to be enough to go weaponless entirely if you want 1st place. Well, in my all items restriction, anyway.
For old time's sake, I still insist I'm not completing this run, despite already having done so. Clearly I'm wrong, seeing as I have a complete run now, but, well... Now I'm out of excuses. Look at what your reading this paragraph has done now!
Should have one trailing blank frame. Some thought in mind about FCEUX duplicating the movie's last frame once when the movie finishes or something. Didn't want to duplicate an extra B button press.

#23965320965431216 - NES R.C. Pro-Am (PRG1) - All items, 23 tracks done.

In 18:16.63 (65906 frames), 13451 rerecords
Game: R.C. Pro-Am ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 7/7/2015 6:24 AM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
Currently backing up some of my things, but I may as well upload a few of them into a public spot. They may come in slowly as I find the more interesting things.
First exhibit is my R.C. Pro-Am TAS, which I still insist I have no plans to finish, despite having already done one lap on track 24 by now.
Sure feels like Super Sticky Tires is actually making it harder to deal with sharp turns. Thing is, turning rate is an average of 3 per frame (2-4-2-4 pattern), but the maxed out tires of the third vehicle type shifts momentum by 2 per frame (more precisely, 510/256). When your facing (turning rate) is far from your momentum (tire rate), further turning forces your momentum to shift fast enough to keep up. With a fast tire rate, it takes much longer to get to that exceeding point, to make use of that 3 average to shift momentum, and so it's much harder to properly hug corners.
Alas, my natural max speed gets to 103, just one MPH short of 104. The speed penalty of differing facing-momentum for these sharp turns hardly matters for my natural max speed, as I can easily maintain 96 MPH (game doesn't affect position in finer steps than 8 MPH). Then again, the high tire rate is useful for when I exceed 104 MPH, as it means the speed penalties don't dip my boosted speed back down so quickly. Trade-offs of a good tire, I suppose.

#23284492722315905 - NES R.C. Pro-Am (PRG1) - All items out to course 9

In 06:59.99 (25241 frames), 5840 rerecords
Game: R.C. Pro-Am ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 6/6/2015 2:32 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
Yo! Items! Taking 1st place every track is also a goal.
Of course, a run that actually aims for fastest time instead of picking up all these things should beat this run by at least a few frames. For whatever reason, I chose to shoot some car at the start of some tracks, even though this can never save time, aside from specifically taking time to set up the yellow/orange car's absurd speed. I'm not actually expecting this particular run to be published, but it's something I felt like doing in my spare time.
Do enjoy this demonstration, though.
Before I forget, Config => Video => Drawing Area => NTSC first line = 0 & NTSC last line = 239 is apparently expected of this game.

#22866809653246006 - NES R.C. Pro-Am (PRG1) - Lua HUD (v1)

Game: R.C. Pro-Am ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 5/18/2015 7:05 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
... Okay, I'll give more than one word.
Left: Position
Middle: Facing and momentum
Right: Speed and maximum speed
Bottom-left: Checkpoint identifier
And the stuff on the upper-left part of the screen is CPU car speeds.
... I still can't bring myself to be chatty. I'm recovering slow, and it's hard to stretch my mind.

#22812256796954525 - NES R.C. Pro-Am (PRG1) - First track

In 00:26.61 (1599 frames), 348 rerecords
Game: R.C. Pro-Am ( NES, see all files )
1 comment, 557 downloads
Uploaded 5/16/2015 8:07 AM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
Break time! How well can I race the first course of the game? I make a very comfortable distance between myself and the CPU cars.
Alas, this is one of those "go on forever" games. I am aware of Dimon12321's TAS, and the point where it stopped, the third time it collected the NINTENDO letters, seems to be a good spot. This sample should show what sort of improvements one can make over that TAS.
Let's see... Any tricks, uh... Here's one:
The game very slowly adjusts your momentum to match your facing, and while they are far apart, your maximum speed is reduced. But there is a limit to this difference, and turning past this limit instantly affects your momentum. So turn hard to make the curve, then steer back to straighten yourself to minimize lost speed.
I am curious if TAS can race these things indefinitely, or whether the supply of ammo will prove decidedly finite against the cheat-fast CPU cars later on. In any case, here's a small TAS while I stall my write-up for Gauntlet.