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GameResources/SNES/JellyBoy/RAMMap r4 12/26/2023 11:54:17 PM True Fill in gaps in object slot array
GameResources/SNES/JellyBoy/RAMMap r3 12/25/2023 9:52:31 PM True Not just fixed but now made it work too (hopefully)
GameResources/SNES/JellyBoy/RAMMap r2 12/25/2023 9:52:02 PM True Fixed object type link
GameResources/SNES/JellyBoy/RAMMap r1 12/25/2023 9:51:28 PM False Data
GameResources/SNES/JellyBoy r1 12/25/2023 4:18:25 AM False First version with some basic stuff; more to come.
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