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o item glitch"] * [1297M|EarthBound "no save corruption"] * [1840M|Pokémon:
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ohiko: Through his [1297M|EarthBound TAS], I first knew the M
bound: [2466M] and [1297M]. The former uses sa
the check glitch. [1297M] uses all glitches e
the final boss. [1297M] currently obsoletes
e of the game than [1297M], actually reaching
ferent branch from [1297M] due to the massive
less glitches than [1297M] has a place on TASV
Stars to obsolete [1297M] [user:Spikestuff
41530] faster than [1297M|pirohiko's other Earthbound run], by entering [http:
es/star.png|Stars] [1297M] %%% [1298M] %%% [12
tion alongside the [1297M|existing publication].
o item glitch"] * [1297M|EarthBound "no save corruption"] * [1840M|Pokémon:
oice. See also [1297M] and [1285M] for pre
rking on improving [1297M|old TAS] in 2018 but we ende