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No|Yes|Yes|No| |No|[1331M]|[
stantly sometimes. [1331M|This] was the first TAS m
provement over the [1331M|SMB_Warpless movie #1331]. ! This movie I
ames__ faster than [1331M|movie #1331]; __316 frames__ fas
e "Vine glitch" in [1331M|movie #1331] wasn't found by us,
M] %%% [1330M] %%% [1331M] %%% [1332M] %%% [=i
ario fans]. * NES [1331M|Super Mario Bros. (JU PRG0) "warpless" in 18:44.48] ** Obsoleted by [13
in 25:00.75] * [1331M|Super Mario Bros. "warpless" NES] (co-authored with a
provement over the [1331M|previous movie] by [user:adelikat],
1429|256x224|4/3| |[1331M|supermariobros-tas-warpless-adelikat,klmz,andrewg.mkv]|1.1429|256x224|4/3|