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These were apart of a series of "Frame wars" involving me, andrewg, klmz, and Happy Lee on the SMB sidestroller movie.

  • NES Hogan's Alley in 03:37
    • This was done to help test zapper support in the .fm2 file format. It got no audience approval and was rejected.
  • NES Color a Dinosaur
    • The audience clearly doesn't know a good submission when they see it >:| And it is clearly superior than Deign's movie. This may or may not have been submitted on April 1st.
The fast completion time is because this was an incomplete rom that left the gamer's debug codes in. So it was simply a matter of level selecting and hitting the end level code.
  • NES Tecmo Super Bowl in 08:15
    • Over a 5 minute improvement to the published movie. The entertainment value wasn't as good according to many people. Cancelled due to poor response.
  • NES Marble Madness in 2:54.63
    • Version 2. Cancelled because I found some minor improvements. (Version 1 is a test run that I never submitted and no longer have).
  • NES Mike Tyson's Punch-out!!in 19:28 "Clock Stopping Glitch"
    • This movie uses the clock stopping glitch to achieve lower clock times for many opponents but it is over a minute slower in real time. Cancelled due to lack of interest.
  • NES Contra (Gryzor) in 09:39 "1-Player Pacifist"
    • Version 1. Cancelled when it was shown that the level 5 tanks didn't have to be destroyed by dying and running through them. While this is much slower it better achieves the pacifist goal.
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  • NES Archon in 1:31
    • Never submitted. I personally don't think this makes a very good game choice for a TAS and it is a very unknown game.
  • NES Dragon Warrior 4 in 2:26:07
    • My first version of DW4 and intended as just a test run. I didn't submit because there were so many known improvements. It was a bit too unpolished for publication.
  • N64 Glover in 1:00:35.97
    • This was just a test run to learn the basics of the game and find some tricks/glitches. Nothing was optimized. The next version improved it by almost 20 minutes.
  • SNES Ardi Lightfoot
    • A test run to see this game's potential. Verdict: Not much. Didn't think it was publish worthy so I didn't try to do a more optimized version.
TODO: dig up links + add info
  • NES RC Pro AM.
    • Abandoned because it didn't meet my expectations. But I might return to this at some point. If someone is interested, I have ram address info & new info about the "orange car" glitch
  • NES Dragon Warrior 4 v3
    • Abandoned due to heavy desync issues, a rom crashing bug, and a weird input bug that made me lose a huge chunk of work. I guess this wasn't meant to be >.<
  • N64 Hexen
    • Abandoned because the N64 port of this game is just too highly problematic. In addition, there were significant plugin problems. Too bad I can't make a TAS of the PC version ^^
  • TMNT v4

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