I prefer forum PM for being contacted. I can also be emailed (adelikat at tasvideos dot org).


I am a Tool-assisted speedrunner, owner of TASVideos, and former Site Admin. I have been a member of this site since 2005, and have contributed numerous TASes, and publications, as well as maintaining TASVideos' existence. In addition I contribute to the development of many rerecording emulators.
Most notably, I am one of the admins of the BizHawk emulator.
According to Humanmetrics I am an iNTj. (I don't normally take personality tests but I was bored.)

Completed TASes

Active TAS Projects

I keep all my TAS related work in a code repository on Github. Anyone familiar with using git can access all my WIPs and related files. I update the repository after every TAS session I do so it is always the latest and up to date versions of all my movies. Moving to this style of TASing puts all my work completely in the public which I've come to really enjoy. I believe that the collaboration and sharing of knowledge is a huge advantage to the art of TASing.
Anyone who doesn't know how to use SVN can still get downloads from that link for all my submissions. These include the submission files but also lua scripts, memory watch files, and savestates that I used in making the TAS.

TAS Repository

All works in progress both movie file and supplemental files such as lua scripts and spreadsheets can be found here:

Site Responsibilities


As of July, 2009, the site was transferred to Nach and I. As an admin, I am the primary contact person for TASVideos. I guess I am also in charge of the general direction of the site, and the overall decision maker. Any questions, complaints, needs, arbitration, bug reports should go to me, in a forum Private message.
Currently documenting the LawsOfTAS


My primary interest is the BizHawk project that I co-admin with Zeromus and Vecna. My long term vision for this emulator is to expand emulation to non-rerecording platforms, add emulation to current rerecoridng emulators to the point of obsoleting their need on tasvideos, and adding the best tools and features of any emulator.
I participate in the coding of the website and maintaining of the database. This includes new site features, bugs, and other maintenance issues.
I have contributed to the development of many rerecording emulators supported on this site. My main concern is keeping them up to date on a repository, providing information/tasks for others to easily join the project, and maintaining rerecording related tools.
In addition I am a developer of FCEUX, Gens-rr, DeSmuME, Yabause, VBA-rr, SNES9x-rr, PCSX-rr, FBA-rr, PCSX2-rr, mednafen-rr, and FCEU.28.
I hope to also contribute by adding/refining rerecording tools to currently unTASable emulators.


As a publisher, I can currently encode/publish submissions of all the current rerecording platforms, NES, SNES, SMS, GENS, GB, GGC, N64, DS, and GBA.


I am an active judge on this site. However, I try to delegate this responsibility to the other active judges whenever possible in order to focus on other site activities.
As a judge, I try to look at all submissions in queue and try to give some feedback, even games that I am not familiar with. I try to prioritize and give older submissions priority.
The things I look for when judging a submission's fate:
1) The most important thing I look for is if the game is suitable for TASing. By this, I mean that it requires some tricks/glitches/strategies in order to optimize it. Basically, the optimal solution must not be blatantly obvious, such as simply running to the right and hitting the level exit. The more complex the process of optimization the more likely I am to be interested in it.
2) In addition to having surprised, it must not get repetitive. Such as if all levels require the same "solution", if all levels and/or bosses look the same, or if the same technique is used relentlessly throughout the run.
3) How optimized it is. This is slightly different from saying how perfect it is. I am looking that the author has some sort of mastery over the "craft" of TASing. I.e., they are familiar with the basic techniques of TASing and employ them skillfully. The route is planned out. Known tricks & glitches were used, etc. This criterion also applies to improvements to published movies. If a movie beats a published movie but still has a lot of noticeable flaws or is known to be improvable, I may reject it.
4) Viewer feedback is important, especially when a movie is borderline. However, this is not a democratic system and I have been known to go against the audience. This is usually when the audience response differs from my assessment of 1, 2, and 3.
TODO: Describe in more detail and provide example movies.
I try to delegate this reponsibility to other encoders/publishers whenever possible in order to focus on other site activities. If interested, send me a PM!


I maintain the emulator information on TASvideos I wrote AVI tutorials I maintain the judge, encoder, publisher, editor guidelines. I try to keep movie pages updated whenever possible.
I have this fantasy of making some nice game resources pages, especially for the games that I have TASed but that looks more and more unlikely. I also would like to make a TASing tutorial one day.

Future TAS plans (No guarantees that I will ever start/finish these!)

My favorite TASes

These movies are ones I think do a good job showing off the various aspects of TASing. If I were in charge of starring movies, these would be the ones starred. It would also be nice if each one could have some commentary as to what/how they demonstrate the art of TASing.
If you have any comments for me as an admin, player, editor, judge, publisher, or coder, PM me on the forums.

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