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''Example:'' In [1349M|Super Mario Bros. "warpless"], it is faster to us
(It was used in my [1349M|SMB warpless TAS] in 3-1 and 6-2))%%%]|[1349M|NES Super Mario Bros "warpless" in 18:38.22 by HappyLee] ((2012-02-01))%%% %
g manner? Example: [1349M]'s 6-2. The opposite
an improvement to [1349M|the currently published run]. [user:Brandon]:
provement over the [1349M|previous movie] by the same author,
erfect Bullet Bill [1349M|like this] as we planned, so t
Stars] [1348M] %%% [1349M] %%% [1350M] %%% [13
8] ** Obsoleted by [1349M] by [user:HappyLee].
) ** obsoleted by [1349M|Super Mario Bros in 18:41.7] * [1053M|Super M