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|No|No|No|No| |Yes|[2078M]|[
mate ingame time], [2078M|backwards], and while collecti
00M]%%% [1713M]%%% [2078M]%%% [2062M]%%% [2020
letes the previous [2078M|reverse boss order] TAS due to similar
y% run] as well as [2078M|the "reverse boss order" run]. An improvement
es/star.png|Stars] [2078M] %%% [2079M] %%% [20
at come to mind is [2078M|Super Metroid's Reverse Boss Order TAS]. It's a cool run, s
hall also obsolete [2078M|the currently published Reverse Boss Order movie]. While RBO was a
e [3362M|any%] and [2078M|RBO]. [user:Spikestuf