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Published on 7/16/2012
Super Metroid is a very well-known game in the world of TASing, and there have been many speedruns of this game published here at TASVideos over the years. This run demonstrates one of the hardest categories of speedrun possible for the game, Reverse Boss Order. In this category, Samus kills the four main bosses backwards from the game's intended order.
This category is especially difficult since Samus does not receive her extra suits until quite late in the run. As a result, most of the gameplay in Norfair is a desperate race against the clock as Samus's health decreases constantly in the heated areas. Needless to say, every single energy tank matters much more than it ever would in a normal run. Also, water areas in Maridia are quite difficult to navigate quickly without the Gravity Suit.
This run by Saturn improves on the previous movie by 01:24.27 due to a number of new tricks and strategies. See the submission notes for more details.

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