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Obsoleting Movie
Published on 10/25/2009
Although newcomers to TASVideos's player list, Taco and Kriole are both experienced TASers in regards to Super Metroid, this time having teamed up in a mission to perfect one of the most contested games in the site's history.
Using a new route and taking advantage of several techniques, never demonstrated before in other Super Metroid runs outside of waiting areas, they made short work of Mother Brain and her space pirates. The in-game completion time is 23 minutes 29 seconds, and 18% of the items have been collected. Thus, both the realtime and the in-game any% movies were obsoleted. (The in-game time category has since been improved to beat this run in in-game time, although not real time.)
Note: The actual rerecord count in this run is unknown. Please read the authors' submission notes and the discussion thread for more information.

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