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!!!Encoding checklist

Checklist of things to check for encodes. These checks are to be done:
* Before uploading an encode
* After upload for streaming encodes.
* Before publishing/linking an encode.

!! Encode itself:
* Encode size isn't wildly off expected (downloadables).
* Resolution is as expected.
* AR flagging (downloadables) or AR precorrection (streaming) is correct.
* Framerate is as expected (but dedupped videos can show wild framerates).

!! Logo:
* Logo is present, is approved and is about 2 seconds in length.

!! Subtitles
* Check every subtitle entry and make sure it contains the correct info from the submission.
* Subtitles are present and readable, lasting about 5 seconds each.
* Subtitles don't cover action much.

!! Video itself.
* Video doesn't duplicate frames during action sequences, that is, it looks dedupped (downloadables)
* Video quality is good.
* Audio quality is good.
* Audio and video are in sync (at least check the beginning and the end)
* Video does not cut off unexpectedly.
* Audio does not cut off unexpectedly.

!! The end:
* Ending goes on long enough.