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''Note: This page is a work in progress and is still subject to change. Feel free to provide feedback [Forum/Topics/22710|in this forum thread.]''


"Standard" [class] publications are the vast majority of runs on TASVideos.

*[Movies-Standard|Current publications]
*[Movies-Standard-Obsonly|Obsoleted publications]

!! Overview
* Aims to fulfill the site's goal of being a Tool-Assisted Speedrun records site, as well as be an information based central repository for the body of TAS literature.
* [MovieRules#Standard|Applicable Movie Rules].

!! Technical requirements
* Must beat all known records, including other TASes.
* Must show a proficient understanding of TAS techniques and be perceived as well optimized: It should not have obvious pauses, mistakes, or sloppy play.
* If starting from a premade save file, a verification movie producing that save file is required.

!! Acceptable goals
All these goals can be published as separate branches.
* __[Fastest Completion]__ - Also known as "any%". Fastest completion of a game using all available options, including major skip glitches (save/memory corruption, arbitrary code execution, etc).
* __[MovieTagGuidelines#ForgoesMajorSkipGlitch|Forgoes Major Skip Glitch]__ - Avoids major skips or the glitches that lead to them but otherwise aims for fastest completion.
* __[MovieTagGuidelines#100Completion|Full Completion]__ - Fastest completion of all content in the game, without using [MovieRules#FullCompletionCriteriaMustBeReachedThroughInGameActionsOnly|glitches that trivialize this].
* __[MovieTagGuidelines#NumberOfCharacters|Multiplayer]__ - For games where you can control several character at once, up to 3 branches are allowed:
** Minimum players (usually 1)
** Maximum players (usually 2)
** Some other player count if it's faster than both of the above
* __[MovieTagGuidelines#AimsForMaximumScore|Score Attack]__ - Highest attainable score in-game, assuming it is not infinite.
* __[MovieTagGuidelines#UsesAnInGameCode|In-Game Codes]__ - Same as "Fastest Completion", but also allows [Glossary#CodeModification|in-game codes] that add gameplay or in-game mechanics.
* __[MovieTagGuidelines#StartsFromASavedStateOrSram|SaveRAM-anchored runs]__ - Game modes that are [Glossary#SaveRam|locked behind game completion], or categories that benefit from [Glossary#NewGamePlus|New Game+] carryover.
** SaveRAM runs are branched separately from any Power-On counterparts.
* __Glitchless__: Completing the game as fast as possible while avoiding all known glitches (defined per game in accordance with the community).
* Additional goals are under consideration and will be implemented incrementally.

!! Goals currently under consideration
* __Warps__ - Fastest completion using intended warps or shortcuts. If major skip glitches are available in the game, avoiding them is allowed for this category.
* __Warpless__ - Fastest completion without using intended shortcuts.
** This includes branches such as "all levels".
* More standard goals will be added in the future based on community feedback.

!! Entertainment 
* Entertainment is always encouraged, though unnecessary, and will not affect the judgement of a run that otherwise qualifies.
* Speed/entertainment tradeoffs are allowed.