Submission #1144: dave_dfwm's NES Breakthru in 06:37.13

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version USA Frame Count 23828
ROM Filename Breakthru.nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 2007
Unknown Authors dave_dfwm
Game BreakThru
Submitted by dave_dfwm on 8/2/2006 6:50:07 PM

Submission Comments
Breakthru TAS by Dave Brown (dave_dfwm)
  • Goal: Fastest time
  • Secondary goal – get highest score while getting fastest time
  • ROM: Breakthru.nes
  • Emulator: FCEU 0.98.15
This is a very short and fast-paced game with 5 levels. You are the driver of a blue car that has 3 speeds and can jump. Your car can even run into other enemy vehicles (with the exception of tanks and large trucks) and cause them to explode without doing any harm to you. Unfortunately, ramming other vehicles with your car causes you to slow down, so I avoid this situation. However, your car will explode if it gets hit by just one bullet or if it touches water.
Jumping prevents your vehicle from getting hit by bullets, but it slows your vehicle down upon landing. As seen in the video, jumping is only used when absolutely necessary. The first jump in level 1 is necessary to avoid the falling rocks with minimum slow down time.
Your goal in the game is to recover a single stolen aircraft 800 miles away that is guarded by legions of enemy infantry, vehicles, landmines, and helicopters. The game is constantly reminding you to “stay alert” of these hazards.

I try to show a few oddities in the game by
  • making a leap of faith and landing on the bridge guard rail in level 2
  • driving through and on fences in level 3
  • driving through trees in level 3
  • jumping through the helicopter in level 5
Level 4 has a spot where you can drive on the roof of some houses for a while, but a jump and slowdown are required to get out without dying, so it is not shown.
The parachute capsules require a jump to grab. I grab two of them in the game which cause my bullet to split in three. Even though it is split in 3, it can only hit one enemy per shot, and all the bullets disappear if there is a hit.
As a final note, the controller input is ended approximately 11 seconds before the game is actually won. I position the car at the right vertical level on the screen, and used frame advance to jump over the final wall as soon as possible. The input ends immediately after the jump button is pressed, and the car will cruise a little slower than normal until the end of the level.
I’m not sure how familiar people are with this game.

adelikat: The votes for this have been quite chilly. The general consensus seems to be that this is a quality TAS but the game itself is not a good contribution to the site. Rejecting.

adelikat: Accepting for publication to the Vault

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