Submission #1153: Fabian's SNES Super Mario World "96-exit" in 1:21:29.63

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Snes9x 1.43
Super Mario World (U) [!].smc
Submitted by Fabian on 8/13/2006 12:55:14 AM
Submission Comments

Super Mario World 96 exit TAS - by Fabian

  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Manipulates luck
  • Plays all levels
  • Emulator Used: SNES9x 1.43 +v10
    • Use WIP1 Timing - on
    • Allow Left+Right / Up+Down - off
    • Volume Envelope Height Reading - on
    • Fake Mute desync Workaround - off
    • Sync samples with sound CPU - off


This is an improvement of VIPer7's 96 exit Super Mario World run. It's 7724 frames, or 2 minutes, 8 seconds and 44 frames, faster. However, VIPer7 did not end his movie at the final hit on Bowser, the time difference at that point is 4340 frames (1 minute, 12 seconds and 20 frames). Techniques and strategies leading to this improvement are detailed below.
My biggest challenge when making this run was to come up with something I felt was worth watching. With all the recent SMW and SDW runs, ending up with a fresh looking and original final product has been very difficult. Trying to make each level as entertaining and fun as possible, to prevent the viewer from getting bored, has been my number one priority at all times. I do hope you will enjoy watching this movie, even if you've seen several Super Mario World or Super Demo World movies in the past.

Techniques used

Nearly every technique described on the Super Mario World Tricks Page has been used. The most important difference from VIPer7's run is the abuse of Mario's oscillating speed. When holding "forward", Mario's speed oscillates between several different values. If "forward" is released on the right frame while in mid-air, the oscillation will stop at Mario's fastest speed. This speed can then be kept up by continuously jumping on the first frame Mario touches the ground, which is commonly known as the "hopping glitch". This works both with flying and running, as well as Mario's medium running speed. This "hopping glitch" can be used to your advantage in many situations and you'll see me using this technique in one way or another in many levels.
There's one other thing I'll describe, since it's not on the tricks page yet; Yoshi flight. Flying with Yoshi is usually the exact same thing as spin flying, which is the same speed as regular running. With the Yoshi flight glitch, however, Mario and Yoshi move as fast as regular flying. This can be initiated in several different ways, two of which are used in this movie. The first is to dive onto Yoshi while Yoshi is standing on a shell (see Vanilla Dome 3 and Vanilla Dome 4), the second is to dismount Yoshi when flying pressed to a ceiling (see Valley of Bowser 3 and Valley of Bowser 4b). The second method is often considerably faster, and it's worth noting this technique was not known at the start of this run. Had it been, it could have been used to save time in Cheese Bridge Area, and possibly have been faster overall in Vanilla Dome 4, although this has not been tested.
If you're unsure about anything, I recommend checking the tricks page, and if that doesn't answer your question, ask me.

Other things

I want to thank JXQ for his constant support and feedback, always listening to me whine and helping me with hexediting, among many other things. Thanks man.
I also want to thank jimsfriend for help with level strategies and lots of ideas.
Lastly I want to thank all of you who have offered encouragement, helped me test ideas and shown interest in my run. I really appreciate it everybody.
If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask me, I'll be happy to answer them. Thanks for watching.
Suggested screenshot: Frame 129112
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