Submission #1158: TheSwordUser's NES Contra in 10:30.85

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version USA Frame Count 37851
ROM Filename Contra (U) [!].nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 29
Unknown Authors TheSwordUser
Game Contra
Submitted by TheSwordUser on 8/15/2006 5:24:25 PM

Submission Comments
(again, i'm sorry for this undo count. I tried few times (loading states etc. each time). At the last stage i neded to take a break (my EYES XD). So, the total UNDO COUNT is 2149)
So, the pacifist run is here as i said before.....
  • recorded on FCEU 0.98.13
  • number of frames: 37851
About the run:
Stage 1- no problem (probably it have the same time completition as krieg TAS)
Stage 2- i beat boss slighty faster than krieg's (i think).
Stage 3- skipped one platworm somwhere in the middle (when first hovering, stone platworm is). Slighty slower at the BOSS.
Stage 4- No idea....i dunno is that stage (and boss fight) faster than krieg's
Stage 5 & 6- same as above
Stage 7- about these spiked "arm".....i was able to easily avoid them (they were "working" in other pattern ( or the same pattern but they were bit too late)). Also i missed one R power up (but that didn't slow me down).
Stage 8-About this "long" alien....krieg was "hugging" this wall the most of time (sometimes jumped back to avoid these alien larvas). I actually founded "blind spot" and probably i hitted the exact most to the left pixel of this long alien....four extra hits= little faster dealing with monster..... Also....kidna slowed down at the very end (these "spider" things), but i easily destroyed this alien's heart. That's all. (i don't know how much frames that run is faster, but i bet is something arround 80-100 frames (i didn't checked that submission here, but on youtube). Thank you for reading. Have fun!

adelikat: Rejecting. While faster than the currently published run, this still needs some work. Pay more attention to the frame counts and try to make sure every stage & boss is equal or faster than the current run. Do not miss shots and try to hit bosses at the earliest possible times. Good luck.

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