Submission #1174: adelikat's SNES Super Punch-out!! in 15:58.00

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x 1.43
Game Version USA Frame Count 57480
ROM Filename Super Punch-out!! (U) [!].smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 7623
Unknown Authors adelikat
Game Super Punch-Out!!
Submitted by adelikat on 9/1/2006 1:25:11 AM

Submission Comments
adelikat: canceling due to improvements
  • 1) Primary goal: Aims for fastest completion time of each boxer
  • 2) Secondary goal: Aims for fastest real time when it doesn't conflict with 1)
  • Emulator: Snes(X v1.43+ v9)
  • Settings: WIP1 Timing, Allow left+right, Volume Env. Height Reading, Sync samples with sound CPU
  • Abuses programming errors in the game (the "pause" glitch)
  • Doesn't take damage (only because it is not advantagous)
  • Manipulates Luck
This run is a mere 74 frames faster than the published run in real time and only a 0.18 sec different in game clock improvements. This however is a pretty significant improvement considering a) how competed this game is b) how possible these times are unassisted (many of these tas times have been done on a console by many, including me) c) Phil did an amazing job with his TAS.
3 opponents were improved, but only Nick was improved by using a new strat. There were minor real time improvements as well such as using the pause glitch more optimally, using the proper super punch to get the quickest knockdown animation (where it did not conflict with the fastest game clock time), and NOT using the pause glitch on piston hurricane (the same time can be achieved without it).
Also, I "lost" 16 frames at the beginning because I clicked the "cleared the sram" button before recording which Phil seemed to have not done. Phil's "dirty sram" oddly resulted in the title screen appearing 16 frames sooner.
There is rumor/speculation/indirect proof that Nick Bruiser's time could be improved, including an 8.05 screenshot and an avi no one seems to have anymore. I found no way to recreate this and am submitting it as is. Should anyone "discover" the secret to this elusive time, I could easily redo the final fight and resubmit.
Here are the times that I achieved:
  • Gabby Jay - 06.26
  • Bear Hugger - 13.49
  • Piston Hurricane - 05.50
  • Bald Bull - 08.64
  • Bob Charlie - 05.50
  • Dragon Chan - 07.49
  • Masked Muscle - 06.33
  • Mr. Sandman - 13.13
  • Aran Ryan - 08.45
  • Heiki Kagero - 10.60
  • Mad Clown - 09.22 *
  • Super Macho Man - 09.43
  • Narcis Prince - 08.47 *
  • Hoy Quarlow - 8.35
  • Rick Bruiser - 10.71
  • Nick Bruiser - 08.28 *
The * are times that were improved from the current published run.
A quick explanation of the pause glitch: By stunning the opponent your super punch meter increases more but it takes time for it to increase, thereby delaying when you can super punch. Fortunately, when you pause the game, the meter continues to rise. So there are a few strategic places where pausing the game can significantly improve how quickly you can throw your first super punch.

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