Submission #1555: Soulrivers's SGB Kirby's Dream Land 2 in 48:18.67

System Super Game Boy Emulator VBA-rr
Game Version USA Frame Count 173920
ROM Filename Kirby's Dream Land 2 (U) [S][!].gb Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 20843
Unknown Authors Soulrivers
Game Kirby's Dream Land 2
Submitted by Soulrivers on 5/10/2007 6:52:24 PM

Submission Comments

Emulator Settings

Recorded with VisualBoyAdvance v1.72 rercording v19.2
  • Aims for fastest time with 100% completion
  • Manipulates luck
  • Takes damage to save time

This is my second run on this site, which I've been working for a little bit over a month. It is obviously much longer than my last movie (4 min). I will honestly say that I had never played this game before I decided to run it, though I had played other Kirby games which I liked. As the game was on the "List of ideas", I gave it a shot and I think it turned out nicely in the end.

Game Info

In the game there are 6 different abilities to copy. The game consists of 7 worlds, the first three containing 3 stages. The ones coming after that increment the number of stages by one for each world. After all the stages in a world are complete, there will be a boss fight to proceed to the next world. After you’ve beaten the boss you can at any time to go back to the boss room to play a bonus game. If you fail them you have to restart the game to redo. Also throughout the game there are 7 hidden Rainbow Pieces. There is one in each world, and are mostly not hidden very well. Though the Rainbow Pieces are protected by a barrier, and the barrier can only be broken with a special power, which differs from piece to piece.
General information:
  • It is possible to control Kirby ~10 frames before the screen goes normal after entering a door.
  • Pressing A every second frame makes the owl go faster than normal flying, however he is harder to control.
  • Jumping is a few frames slower than walking with Kirby, so I try to stay in the air as short time as possible when I’m just Kirby. The exception to this is up slopes, where jumping is faster.
  • Using abilities is always slower than flying, the best being lightning only being 2 frames slower.
  • Falling with the stone is faster than flying downwards or falling downwards.
  • Rick the hamster sucks.
  • Sometimes running into a wall with the fire ability is faster than jumping/flying upwards.
  • A boss or miniboss cannot take more than two hits simultaneously, which leads to some different solutions.
  • What is counted to 100%:
    • Completing stages and beating bosses.
    • Collecting the rainbow pieces.
    • Boss bonus stages.
    • Acquiring the Girl Chu. After each miniboss pre-world 7, you get an animal friend out of the sack. If you already own a friend when that happens, a Chu pops out. Either it’s black and gives some health back, or it’s the girl Chu.

A few notes about the run... going level specific would make no sense. Listed in order of appearance:
  • At the end of 2-3, it seems like I kill an enemy too much. This is however to manipulate the upcoming boss, which refused to be manipulated to the right place in any other way. This costs me ~18 frames.
  • Around frame 35000, there indeed is a door there, it just isn’t seen if you don’t have the light bulb power.
  • Fifth boss: After the moon is defeated, it seems as though I hit the sun with an attack, but it doesn't do any damage. In fact it does, as the sun DOES NOT share HP with the moon. It replenishes all its HP when the moon dies. Then we have that cleared out.
  • I take damage around frame 106200. I couldn't find any other way to break the blocks without taking damage, so it is unavoidable.
  • Levels 7-4 to 7-6 are simply copies of the previous three, running backwards and being harder.
  • Right at the start of the fight against King Dedede, he sleeps and then starts to sleep again. Both of these are unavoidable. Or rather, the alternatives were slower. Also letting him suck me in was faster than waiting for him to finish the attack.

Thanks to:

Tompa: As usual, you're reviewing my WIPs to see that there are no mistakes or missed shortcuts. You supported me through it all.
zefiris: Also reviewing my WIPs extensively and giving me feedback and support.
FrostyTheDragon: For providing me with very useful information about the game in its early phases.

Enjoy the run.

adelikat: Nice viewer response. I am accepting this movie. Also Maza is in the process of encoding it, so I am setting to publication underway.

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