Submission #2079: Cpadolf's SNES Super Metroid "all items" in 1:08:10.87

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
all items
Super Metroid (JU) [!].swc
Submitted by Cpadolf on 8/28/2008 11:14 PM
Submission Comments

Emulator details

  • Emulator used: Snes9x 1.43v12 (beta 10)
  • Sync settings:
    • Use WIP 1 timing
    • Allow Left+Right / Up+Down

Details on the run

  • 100% item completion
  • Aims for lowest realtime
  • Manipulates luck
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Does not abuse X-ray
Suggested screenshot: Frame# 188286

In depth about the run

This is my improvement over JXQ's 100% Super Metroid run, it is 2 minutes and 34 seconds faster than his version in realtime, or 9249 frames, and ~1 minute and 51 seconds faster ingame, or 6636 frames. Ingame clock stands at 00:36:03:43, yes I know, ouch :(
The 3 main improvements here are the torizo skip (21+ seconds) the mother brain stand up glitch (~15 seconds) and the routechange. Don't really know how much it saved though, due to trouble with comparing the routes completely, but it has 6 less doors and less backtracking, so maybe 10-15 seconds in realitime. The rest of the time is largely due to a lot of new room strategies, general optimization, and for realtime, minimizing door scrolling (without this I would actually have reached 00:35 quite easily...).
I have also made a alternative ending to this run, that removes the only pause screen, kills motherbrain without glitching, and saves the animals.
There is a excel spreadsheet formatted by hero of the day, in it are details on almost every room, some are left out due to the routechanges, and for the same reason it is not 100% accurate, but works good for room comparison and getting explanations for some of the things I do which might look a little (and in some cases maybe a lot) weird.

Information about authorship

As many probably know this started out as a team project between me and hero of the day. However, as he gained less and less time to work on the run I gained more, and in the end I did virtually all the work on the actual run, though hero still suggested ideas of improvements and new tricks, and the finial time would have been seconds higher without him. Thus he thought it would have been unfair to include him as an author of the run when submitting.

My two cents about what I presume will be the discussion about this run not having any input animation

Yes that is right, this run does not have any input animations, which I guess will gain me some no votes, but I had my reasons for not using them. I think the main reason they where so awesome in JXQ's run (besides him being an extraordinary comedian) was that the whole concept was new, it was the first run to use anything like that, naturally this run could not top that no matter what I would have animated. And since JXQ is a very funny guy I would have had little chance doing so anyway, and I think anything not as good as his work would simply be seen as redundant to the movie, and perhaps even as a bad attempt to copy his idea. Naturally I was not very eager to spend hours upon hours doing something that I predicted would be seen as mediocre, but I did actually start to add some input a bit into the run (some of which you can still see the bottom line of), and had a few thousand frames covered. It ended up in the trash bin though as I never really got very satisfied with them.
Also I hope that the main interest for most here is the run itself anyway... Oh well enough nonsensical rambling and bad arguments already.

Thanks to

Most of all hero of the day obviously, for figuring out a lot of improvements and new strategies, and it was more or less solely his work on improvements between the release of the last 100% run and the start of this one that made me do it at all.
JXQ, for making excellent runs. This would obviously not have been nearly as fast without his other runs to improve upon.
And pretty much everyone active in the Super Metroid thread during the brief times of peace (almost everyone has done something), you know who you are.

mmbossman: Impressive work. Accepting as an improvement to the published 100% movie.

Chaosv1: Encoding... Saturn's already encoded this one, checking and publishing
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