Submission #2106: Dammit's Genesis ESWAT: City Under Siege in 13:22.68

Sega Genesis
(Submitted: ESWAT Cyber Police)
Cyber Police - City Under Siege (U) [!].gen
Submitted by Dammit on 10/3/2008 6:19:01 AM
Submission Comments
510 frames faster than the last version. 495 of those frames are because of the GreenaLink's observation. Thanks, GreenaLink!

Relevant screenshots

Truncated: Accepted because I like it and it's good! And also it's an improvement to a published movie.
ShinyDoofy: Withholding publication until the .gmv file has been replaced by the improved one.

adelikat: Replaced submission file with a 42 frames faster version. A new trick was discovered in level 7 leading to the improvement.
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