Submission #2420: klmz's FDS Super Mario Bros. "-3 stage ending" in 02:46.28

Famicom Disk System
(Submitted: Super Mario Bros. "-3 stage ending")
-3 stage ending
FCEU 0.98.12
Super Mario Bros. (1985)(Nintendo)(J).fds
Submitted by klmz on 10/9/2009 8:07:35 AM
Submission Comments
This movie is merely 1 frame faster than the previous one by HappyLee, due to faster wall-entering on "Stage -3", which was considered unimprovable.
I was just curious about how useful the new acceleration method could be, which this movie shows, and made it in less than one hour. "Stage -1" is made a little more humourous, I think.
Thanks to Phil and HappyLee for their nice movies.
I would like to see new tricks found to improve this movie further.

adelikat: You sir, have been bested!
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