Submission #2692: neo_omegon's SNES Final Fantasy V & VI in 3:52:15.97

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x
Game Version JPN Frame Count 836158
ROM Filename Two Roms Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 86909
Unknown Authors neo_omegon
Game Final Fantasy V & VI
Submitted by neo_omegon on 6/6/2010 8:29:58 AM

Submission Comments

Emulator Details

Note: Please avoid using a savestates modified version; otherwise, crash.
  • Use WIP1 Timing
  • Allow Left+Right / Up +Down: On
  • Volume Envelope Height Reading: Off
  • Fake Mute desync workaround: On
  • Sync samples with sound CPU: Off
  • Use (J) Rom in both games
FFV in SNES/SuperFamicon version was officially released only in Japan. To harmonize with FFV, I also used (J) Rom in FFVI. In (J) version of FFVI, there is a glitch that anyone can equip any items. I used it in Kefka's Tower. Equipping Moogle Charm made their journey comfortable.


  • Two games in one movie
  • Beats both final bosses at the same time
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damages to save time
  • Manipulates luck
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Beats Omega and Shinryu in FFV
  • Genre: RPG

About FFV in this run

Please reference samurai goroh's run and his walkthrough plan to complete basic knowledge. I'll explain differences from samurai goroh's run in particular.
Since it is obviously shorter than FFVI, I didn't perfectly optimize it. But I managed to get better luckmanipulation and improvements than him, except for early part of the game. Silly me not to avoid Breath Wings at the first boss battle. I also failed to encounter White Serpent and Black Goblin on the way, so I took extra steps. I'm sorry I didn't perfectly know how to manipulate luck at that time. Other bosses are better, I think. The time beating Melugine is faster than in samurai goroh's run. I'm sorry that adjusting time after beating Melugine may be boring. (Note: When entered the Phantom Village, the mosaic animation didn't occur. It's emulator glitch.)
  • Config
    • Battle Mode: Wait
    • Battle Speed: 4
    • Message Speed: 1
    • Command Set: Short
    • Gauge: Off
(Same as in samurai goroh's)
When it comes to small details, there are many differences from samurai goroh's run. I can't explain all. I'll describe major things.
  • Command inputs during battle animation
It's a little faster.
  • Taking extra steps, making the number of encounter smaller
I didn't apply it enough.
  • Not taking monster treasure box I need not
  • Tail Screw/Gravity to the nearest character
The shorter the distance between the enemy and the character, their animation might be faster.
I also manipulated Sandworm stopped the most left side of the holes
  • Karlabos
Manipulate Feeler to Thief Galuf to skip his next turn.
  • Tatou x2
Beating them at the same time made the number of their annihilating animation one.
  • the Usage of Potion or Ether
They should have been used on the field not in the battle. Using them in the battle might be slower.
  • Skip Elven Mantle
It's no longer needed, I think.
  • Skip healing pot when escaping Karnak
On my strategy, healing pot in Karnak wasn't needed. Healing pot when entered the Aincient Library was needed for the lack of MP.
  • Ifrit/Byblos
Pre-emptive works. Skipped healing pot after Byblos, because next cutscene heals the party.
  • Flee with holding on LR buttons
It's the fastest way to run away, though I noticed it in endgame. Dominator must have known it because he used it in his RTA. I took it from his run.
  • The sea area near Tycoon in World One
There is no encounter there. This information is also from Dominator.
  • Bomb x4
Lightning Scroll has shorter animation.
  • Adamantoise
To evade with shield is slower. I just wanted all the members to be alive. Exdeath at his Castle is the same.
  • Archaeoaevis
Sapping by Rainbow Wind from Aegir prevented his transforming. Changing the Battle Speed to 6 made sapping damage faster. These are well known to Japanese players.
  • Titan
Paralyzing him prevented his Earth Shaker.
  • Abductor at the removed Island
I beated it just because FFV was shorter. It's slower. I just wanted to show another way.
  • Gilgamesh at the Big Bridge
Aging by Aincient Sword and Level 5 Death worked.
  • Objet d'Art x5 three times successively
Going to Drakenvale on ahead enabled me to do so. I made Bartz and Galuf learn Mix.
  • Gilgamesh at Xezat's Fleet
Skipped dialogue by Blessed Kiss. It's faster.
  • From Ghido's Cave to Moore
The way by SDA's Alex is faster. When landed, I followed Dominator's way. It's faster and saved one step.
  • Galuf vs Exdeath
Dark Spark x2 + Level 5 Death worked. It's slower, but it's funny, I think.
  • Take Faris the head to make the number of Mix command input smaller
  • Calofisteri
Manipulate Stop Magic to Lenna to skip her turn
  • Halicarnassus
Time Mage with Hermes Sandals and Thief Krile with blue were so fast that Ribbon was no longer needed.
  • Twintania
Skip power-up messge was possible, but it wasn't on my strategy. This does work. I didn't know how to do it at that time.
I abused Blessed Kisses, though it may look a cheaper way. I poisoned Bartz, Krile and Faris at Pyramid, so Knight Lenna was able to guard from every physical attack.
  • Omega
Dragon Power x5, Turtle Soup x2 and Zeninage x6 due to his high defense, high evasion and Reflect status.
  • Shinryu
Dark Spark, Level 2 Old and Level 5 Death. I had to Mix Dragon Power x2 and take much time to manipulate Dark Spark to hit him due to his high magic evasion and high level.
  • Exdeath at the final floor
I changed all the members to front row. It's faster.
I'd like to fight with Neo Exdeath, so I didn't use Blessed Kiss.
  • Neo Exdeath
Blessed Kisses to avoid magic attack and Almagest. I made Krile attack the lower left part with Ragnarok in order to beat them at the same time.

Known improvements in FFV

There are many known improvements, but this is a dual run. It might be Okay.
I'll write for updater in single run.
Better luckmanipulation, fewer encountering, optimization and avoiding monster treasure boxes are definitely possible. It might be faster to change the characters to front row at some points. Of course, when it comes to running away, back row is faster. New strategy would also be possible because beating Omega, Shinryu and Neo Exdeath isn't needed. A lot of tests should be done. (e.g. Is skipping all save points faster or slower? Is using item on field faster than in battle? Is it truly slower not to steal a Mythril Knife from Wyvern? etc.)
Good luck.

About FFVI in this run

Please reference erokky's run. The whole of this run is very identical with erokky's run. My luckmanipulation is a little worse than his.
  • Config:
    • Battle Mode: Wait
    • Battle Speed: 6
    • Message Speed: 1
    • Command Set: Short
    • Cursor: Memory
(Same as in erokky's) Plus, I set:
    • Magic Order: 6 (Effect, Attack, Heal Order)
This makes the number of the cursor movements a little smaller.
    • Gauge: Off
This causes no effect. Just harmonized with FFV.

Improvements accomplished from erokky's run

  • Templar/Soldier battles
Sabin was able to beat Templar by only one critical hit with a Mythril Claws stolen from Vargas and a Hyper Wrist from a treasure box at the basement of South Figaro in Locke's quest.
  • Avoid pre-emptive at some points
Sometimes it's slower due to a message display. I also avoided pre-emptive when Gau rejoined, because his gauge was zero and it's slower if you got pre-emptive.
  • Leo vs Kefka by using Fire Rods
This is originally from Catastrophe, and I improved it.

Different Strategies from erokky's run

Ideas are from people' in FFVI's thread in the forum. I don't know whether these strategies were faster or slower, finally.
  • Cyan's battle with Leader
I got one critical hit and one Dispatch.Two critical hits may be the fastest, but I couldn't do that.
  • Cyan alone to Zozo
This is also originally from Catastrophe. Running away time itself in each battle was saved, but it took some time to change Relics; Besides, I had to open and close Menu to manipulate pre-emptive.
  • Final Ultros battle
I set the Battle Speed to 1 before this battle. The battle itself was faster, but in the next battle with Air Force, I couldn't avoid Tek Laser.

Other comments in FFVI

  • Banquet
Before the timer counted down, I ran off toward west and talked a soldier. It's not slower, just for entertainment.
As erokky did so, waiting in toilet is the fastest because the timer is stopping during black screen.

Known improvements in FFVI

  • Money management due to surplus Fire Rods and one Warp Stone
  • Better luckmanipulation (e.g. Battles, NPC's movements, avoiding monster treasure boxes you needn't)

Streaming media

part1, part2, part3, part4 and end credits
For a busy person -> Edited at quad-speed


  • Dominator
He is a very skillful RTAttacker and his research document about encounter in FFV on console is beyond description, though I couldn't apply it enough. Check his website (Japanese text) and watch his run (Note: Nicovideos account is needed).
  • Shingo Endo
His technical documents (Japanese text) are awesome. He also analyzed Dragon Quest series, Romansing SaGa series, etc.
  • Yu-ki(Hs)
He is a TASer. His major work is Kirby SDX. He summarized timesavers in FFV.
  • Samurai Goroh
I learned a lot from his run.
  • Alex Eustis
The way from Ghido's Cave to Moore and the basic strategy on the battle with Neo Exdeath is from his run on SDA.
  • Erokky
99% of my run in FFVI is from his run.
  • FAQ Writers
There is a lot of information, beginning with Master ZED's slot guide.
  • Many people in FFVI's thread in the forum.
I used a lot of your ideas.
And You, Thanks. I hope you enjoy it.

adelikat: Good viewer response, accepting for publication.

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