Submission #2700: Aglar & Hotarubi's NES Gimmick! "best ending" in 07:44.45

Nintendo Entertainment System
best ending
FCEUX 2.1.4a
Gimmick! (J).nes
Submitted by Aglar on 6/9/2010 2:28 PM
Submission Comments
Hope you\'re not tired of Gimmick! just yet. This run was done by me and Hotarubi. Read more about this in the first paragraph of this submission, if you haven\'t already.
  • Emulator used: FCEU 0.98.28 (submitted an fm2 that syncs with FCEUX 2.1.4a)
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses death to save time (no life is lost however)
  • Heavy glitch abuse
This run beats Sami\'s current published run by 8065 frames (~2 minutes and 15 seconds). It\'s a complete makeover to that run so to say, with only a very small amount of strategies being the same in the runs.

Time savings

LevelFrames savedTotal frames saved
Level 1321321
Level 219502271
Level 321004371
Level 411325503
Level 58576360
Level 69717331
Level 77348065
I just mention the improvements that aren\'t in the any% run.
Level 1: Used new strategy in the secret area. The first indoor room is faster than in the any% run because we were lucky enough to get just in time for a cannon ball to destroy the star so it wasn\'t in the way when jumping down the pipe.
Level 2: Took the first pipe to get to the cannon faster, the cannon has a 128 frame rule between each shot and we was lucky to get there just in time. Found a shortcut in the secret area and the strategies from the bird to the boss was also completely changed.
Level 3: New strategies in the second room. We had to stop after the secret area to collect a bomb for the boss.
Level 4: Dramatical strategy change in the secret area.
Level 5: Better strategies before and in the area where you pull down the lever. New strats in secret area and best of all - no death!
Level 6: Better strats in the secret area. The timer at the boss was really bad, but the fight became quite fast anyway.
Level 7: New star strategies in every room before the boss. The stop before the boss is for hitting it 2 times before it disappears the first time.
Enjoy the cute ending, it might be even more touching if you think about how hard the little toy has worked to get to the girl as fast as possible:)
Thanks to Sami for the previous run and for finding the ground strategies, that still are used in this run, for some areas.
Enjoy folks!

cpadolf: Accepting for publication on the grounds of being awesome.
Aktan: Processing...
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