Submission #2882: Cardboard's GB Battletoads in 09:59.73

Game Boy
Battletoads (U) [!].gb
Submitted by Cardboard on 10/15/2010 8:15:48 AM
Submission Comments
  • Uses VBA-rerecording-svn232
  • Takes damage to save time

Thanks to feos for this encode.

Battletoads for the Gameboy is not really as hard as its NES-counterpart, but have no illusions; it's still very hard. The greatest problem with this game is playing it on a Gameboy; there's so much shit going on and you can hardly see anything on that tiny screen of the GB. Anyway the game itself is awesome, the music is sweet as all hell, and the graphics are really crisp and clear for being a Gameboy-game. This should have been the standards for a Gameboy-game.
In this game, you are playing as Zitz on a quest to rescue Rash and Pimple from the Dark Queen. The idea is simple, run around and kill everything in sight. Makes sense.
Also pressing R + L at the same time makes Zitz run to the left, on his head. That's hilarious.
Level 1
In this level, Zitz battle pigs with axes, large demons, cavemen, UFOs and eventually a very large pig. No, the large pig really is there. Trust me. He's just not allowed on the screen. Also he might be a bull. Hard to tell.
Level 2
Autoscroller action. Not much going on at all. The minibosses can't be harmed until he opens up for a shot, and the real boss is killed by slaying his guns.
Level 3
This level is incredibly straightforward. Kill them all, let the Rat-god sort them out.
Level 4
The first part of this level is a pain in the ass. The... things on the ground can't be killed in any normal way, so the ground smash is what works best. I wish that they all could be manipulated into jumping as soon as they saw you. I really wish for that.
Level 5
This is an interesting level. There's a possibility to get out of the boundaries of the level, but you can't do much more with that unfortunately. Anyway the objective is to get to the finish before the rock crushes you.
Level 6
This level is not amusing, but the song is sweet beans. The boss is horrible as he insists on never staying still. Bastard.
Level 7
Yeah run around and try to survive. Sometimes I hit a blank punch in the air while changing direction, but that is because the game is horrible and doesn't let you turn around otherwise. The boss is a wuss.
Level 8
Centipedes! Go up, shoot stuff. Then fight boss. I found it the most efficient to kill the arms first, as they are much more aggressive than the head, plus, killing the head makes his neck go apeshit and throw goo all over the place.
As a final note, I am really grateful for the new RAM search in VBA. Cheerios.

Nach: Nice job. Accepting. Ragnarok's World in the future?
GabCM: I will publish this later.
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