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Published on 10/21/2010
Battletoads is a classic video game by Rare for the NES, but different versions of the game were also made for many other systems, such as the Genesis and the Game Boy. All of these games are known for their comical animation style (such as gigantic fists and boots when the toads attack) and their high difficulty, essentially requiring the player to memorize the upcoming dangers to react fast enough to survive.
In this version, the player plays as the Battletoad Zitz on a quest to rescue the other two Toads, Rash and Pimple, from the Dark Queen. This game has only 9 stages, as opposed to 12 in the NES version. However, unlike the NES version of the game, there are no warps, and there is no two-player option. There are also fewer time-saving glitches. That doesn't stop Cardboard, though, from beating up tons of enemies and completing the game very quickly.
For more Battletoads madness, you can also see our movies of the NES version.
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