Submission #2974: laranja's SNES James Bond Jr. in 18:44.68

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x
Game Version USA Frame Count 67481
ROM Filename James Bond Jr (U).smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 2221
Unknown Authors laranja
Game James Bond Jr.
Submitted by laranja on 1/10/2011 2:33:16 AM

Submission Comments
Hello guyz, I'm new at but its been a long time since i began watch TASed movies, after a long time just watching i decided give it a try, did a research, watched somes videos explaining how to use somes of the Tools and checked various submissions to watch their technichs ...
Well, about the game, it's James Bond Jr. nephew of James Bond... James go on a trip around the world to stop Scum Agency from doing bad mess to the world, first we go to Central America but dunno which location... anyway, we have to stop Dr. Derange from stole a treasure from a temple to fund his evil plan... so we go to the temple after him and here is where thhe game beggins

First Temple

Thats the smallest stage in the whole game, I just have to pick up a jump shoe and reach Dr Derange but since shoting on the very edge to make him flee is faster than walk straight to him.

The Minicopter

Since its a autoscroll screen most of the time I make Trade-offs(?) to entertain the viewers, just silly things like dance among trees or shot everything.
There is a shield bug that i found while doing the run, a shield come with 3 protect balls around me spining , when i lost 1 ball i can use the copter body to crush into enemy or bombs without harm, but if i hit solid surfaces like trees or floor i die instantly... So, after a while riding around the florest we reach Skullcap, Dr Derange henchman, i take advantage of the shield bug to make massive damage on him using the chopper, but first i have to take out some damage from him or else the shield will vanish and then i die instantly... after that we go to another temple(looks like a neighbordhood)


Here we go after Dr. Derange but first we have to deal with silly enemies like indians that got animated masks, nasty snakes, monkeys and somes henchmens... so there is a set of 3 stages so i will explain each one the best i can...


Well we just have to go right until there is no wall and move to the left to go to the exit, nothing special here, I take damage for save time and tried the best dmg strategy.

Temple (2)

almost same as the first, almost in the downcorner there have 3 snakes, i have to take dmg from the spear before them or else they should damage me 2~3 and i needed it to save time...

Temple (3)

Man what a pain this one was, i had to save somes damages to use on the places that i think cost most time if i just had to shot at them and w8 at least i could just above most henchmen head, after a walk we finally reach Dr. Derange, he got some kind of ram's horn that when he blow the temple begin to shake, well i just make use of my acessoryes, and i begin using the dart gun because it would reach him faster, then a bomb because he drops by just on her then another gunshot and once again a bomb then we finish with a flying kick to already proceed to the exit... so thats it, the Temple mission is over... but wait there is more guyz...


James have to go after Maximilian Cortex now, so we go to a trip to Europe to found that he found Davinci papers about a deadly invention, well its James duty to stop him from doing this... so we take a boat to walk among the venice passages...

Venice Boat

There is another bug/glitch I found while doing the run, you have to keep the right direction pressed for keep the speed, somes henchmen boat come from behind so u can use it to give a speedboost, after I reach the max speed i take a ramp (still holding right) then when we fall we just jump again and keep jumping until the end of the stage... this bugs helps save few frames because if i go the whole stage on max speed then i should not complete on max speed because after the last ramp the screen stops and brings u to the next one but you have to be with ur boat on the water ... if its flying and the stages ends u should fall off from the screen like if it where an infinity hole... so thats why i take advantage of the bug to make the whole stage on the max speed and without problem from dying... after the boat we reach to Venice Sewers...


Well, the damn water makes a lot of slowdown so i have to keep jumping, there is lots of toxic gas in the air, it takes out 3 hearts, so i try make good use to save time and reach a 1-up (it refills the heart container), then i have just to keep walking and avoiding until the end, near the end i have to take the Gás mask or else i should die because i had 1 heart and had to explod a bat too to make passage...


Well there have plenty obstacles over there, I take a Freeze bombs to make water solid for a period, since i just get 3 i make good use of it, and on somes narrows passages that had water in the floor i kept bunny-hopping to make it faster... and i had to kill an enguia on the way or else it could make me shocked for a while, oh and that last jump before the exit, there is a trampoline there, using a freeze bomb there should be bad because the others water routes are too long so i could have lose much frames...


Well what a pain this one was, lots of henchmen, I change route a while for take a life for refill the hearts, and when i drop down i get a help from 1 henchman to explode one of the barred walls... after that we reach the Boss, Cortex somehow build or found that submarine and try to attack us with that, I have to deal 5 hits to defeat him, the bombs throw were very precise to make 2 hits in one swing I think this one turned pretty good...


After getting rid of 2 super villains James get pissed off and decide to attack without mercy the Scum Lord at Scum Fortress, but first we take a mini-jet to deal with his henchmens...


This one is like the minicopter stage, i just make trade-offs(?), like the shield bug and the boss is pretty eacsy but i had to watch out to not being close, somes parts of the ship should touch me and kill instantly...

Icy Fortress (1)

This one doesn't have any henchmen, most of the obstacle is enviroment , just a robot in the near end.

Icy Fortress (2)

Damn a place full of robots, and somes lightning pit that kill instantly if u touch it , was a hard one to do...

Icy Fortress (3)

Well the last stage in the game, I had to make carefull damage choice, we take a Lase ring, its deal a lot of damage to the boss, Scum Lord is so coward that he lend his robot first, we take it out with 5 hits, with normal bombs it should be around 25 if I'm right... so after we beat the robot then he comes to face-to-face but James was already pissed from being there in a fronzen place so he decide to take him out quick with just 3 shots...
The games end on the frame 66886 (when the last shot was give but not touched the boss)but the last input was 67481 because after the defeated boss he comes and say somes s*** for us, if i had pressed start i should cut off the ending and it should just go back to the title screen, instead i press somes buttons (A,B,X,Y) to make the next talk that show James then proceed to the ending...
So, thats all guyz, that was my first TAS attemp, please tell me about the movie, how was that and what you guyz think... oh perhaps, i know i have a bad english, since I'm Brazilian ;p... anyway please enjoy the movie...
Suggested Screenshot (if possible O.o): 43184,62780, 43581 or find something better.
Thanks, Obrigado!

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DarkKobold: The general audience reaction is that this game is at best a 'weak yes' and at worst a flat out no. I don't think this has anything to do with the TAS, and simply game choice. This is unfortunate, because the super fast-flying boat was a cool glitch to find. The audience didn't seem to think that this overcame the other issue of autoscroller boredom.
For me, the killer was the pain of the helicopter scene. It was almost 25% of the movie, and had some of the worst music this side of Hydlide.

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