Submission #3209: Aqfaq's Genesis Gods in 07:29.73

Console Sega Genesis Emulator GENS
Game Version USA Frame Count 26984
ROM Filename Gods (U) [!].gen Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 17944
Unknown Authors Aqfaq
Game Gods
Submitted by Aqfaq on 7/1/2011 8:34:05 PM

Submission Comments
This improves the current published Gods TAS by 132 frames.
  • Emulator: Gens 11b
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses death as a shortcut
  • Contains speed/entertainment tradeoffs
  • Genre: God simulator

Aqfaq's Comments

It is an old movie, but it looks like I'm not redoing the game in the near future, so I might as well submit it.
It uses different death and health management to save time. For example, one death is avoided in the beginning of world 1-3.
Also, in the final shop, the weapon is downgraded to get money for another extra life, allowing one more death in the final level. This was one of the "major" improvements, saving 28 frames, if I remember correctly.
It is still improvable, but finishing a new movie is harder than I thought. I'm looking forward to the day somebody finds the ultimate timesaver that I totally missed!
There is also a 2 frames faster movie, which reduces lag by disabling hint messages, but it is less entertaining:

Anoobis' Comments



Mukki: Judging...
Mukki: Accepting as an improvement to the currently published run.

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