Submission #3473: Bernka's PSX Mega Man X5 "max item collection" in 54:33.68

Console Sony PlayStation Emulator
Game Version USA Frame Count 196421
ROM Filename Mega Man X5 (U).bin Frame Rate 60
Branch max item collection Rerecord Count 24935
Unknown Authors Bernka
Game Mega Man X5
Submitted by Bernka on 2/26/2012 9:06:39 AM

Submission Comments
I made a mistake,this branch cannot be "100%",beacuse the additional chips are different from 8 bosses,you can choose only one of these chips from each boss,and the max chips are 8.So we call it "max item collection" from now on.

Here is my first max% run,this time I use both X and Zero to collect most the items. Despite X always spends more time on a boss,but he plays an important part in collecting.Before that,it can’t be a max% run only as Zero,because there are some items that can never be collected with Zero.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: PCSX-RR v0.1.3
  • Uses both selectable characters (Mega Man X and Zero)
  • Plays at hardest difficulty
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage and uses death to save time
  • Manipulates luck
  • Collects all the items

About some settings of this game

All the bosses have their level,when fight to him,a high level make his health long.Boss’ level depend on each character’s rank and how many hours passed.When you play in each stage,no matter death or not,if you don’t continue or finish a stage,time will pass an hour.After finishing a stage,your character will get a rank.Only 8 boss have their additional chips,and are 8 level or above,if you defeat such a boss,you can obtain no only a life up or energy up item,but also additional chip.

About this run

This run plays in 54:33,both X and Zero have average show in this run,due to the level system on a boss and aim for their additional chips,both characters must improve their rank in virus stages,so I open the way for them after intro stage.

The order of beating stages(Character used)

Intro(X)->Virus1(Zero)->Virus2(X)->Virus3(Zero)->Virus3(X)->Duff McWhalen(Zero)->Grizzly Slash(X)->Dynamo(Zero)->Mattrex(X)->The Skiver(Zero)->Izzy Glow(X)->Dark Dizzy(X)->Dynamo(Zero)->Axle The Red(Zero)->Squid Adler(X)->Duff McWhalen(X)-> Axle The Red(X)->Final Stage(Zero)
Due to the level system,for the first of 8 boss stages beating,X has not enough rank that let boss up to lv8,or you can’t obtain a additional chip anymore.So Zero is the only choice for that.

Stage-by-stage comments:

Intro Stage:

I redo a new version witch differ from my “X,100%” run,just the same speed.Boss fight,I use charge burst as each hit,the speed is not change,no delay in this part.Also take damage at the last shot,that can actually change the RNG wicth let cannon fire safe after a few cutscene delay.Then cannon will be fired,and open the virus stages.

Virus Stage 1

Zero has SDC trick,allow him to finish the boss in a round,it will not be very annoying like X.Let Zero up to GA.

Virus Stage 2

Though,X has a long battle with boss,but the main reason is his rank,I must beat this stage with him and let him up to A.

Virus Stage 3

Because of Zero’s joining,I choose Zero,collect black armor for him and use death to escape.Then X comes here again,and obtain ultimate armor for him,and finish the rest area.Let X up to SA,and Zero is not change. After that,all 8 bosses are lv9 for Zero but lv7 for X,so choosing Zero for the first stage.

Duff McWhalen

The miniboss is an autoscroller.The first miniboss can emit some fish or “help” guys,the “help” guys will respawn when you come back in some stages,they are just as 1up and health recover,also I can manipulate how many health should I get.Black Zero is able to remove gunshot,this help me do a “all gunshot clear” show in the third miniboss.

Gizzly Slash

X has enough rank for this,you can see he always uses giga attack as movement,that can no jump higher,but also avoid or destroy some enemies.In a same distance,ultimate dash is faster than dashjump,but after obtaining hyper dash from Gizzly,dashjump is used as often.Without Ground Fire’s help,X has to use his ultimate dash to destroy the trucks.


Takes damage before SDCing him.Enough invincibility for avoiding his sword.


Because Zero spends more time than X,I tested,it is more than 11seconds.Zero has not enough fast that waiting for lava flow more one time than X.The Ride Armor in the second area of this stage,always push back when wound from where it face to,I turn it left when taking damage that will push me to right.

The Skiver

Many time bombs are setting beside a wall,destroy the bomb and the way will be opened.Without Twin Dream’s help,Zero must give the bomb 2 hits combo,then the bomb explode and give damage in a narrow range.Due to that,Zero has to keep enough distance and slash or use f-spasher as the last hit,avoiding damage and delay.For Gaea Armor part,hyper dash is necessary.With scrolling screen,letting the Sigma virus respawn,Zero touch them 4 times,gets invincibility in several seconds,allow him to stand on the spike for the armor part(thanks someone’s trick).

Izzy Glow

The EX tank in this stage only can be collected by X’s Ground Fire,that’s why Zero’s 100% run is impossible.For faster,X wound a lot,in order to get through some spike board.Miniboss have three ones,the black one can be destroy and reduce its HP.The higer one is faster to drop down and fly away than the lower one.This is the reason I manipulate the black one on below.

Dark Dizzy

In the first area,X can use Wing Spiral trick without waiting,and the armor part also requires X’s f-laser.Due to Dizzy’s low level,I can defeat him when I just use up my health.


Because of Skiver’s weapon,Zero can’t use SDC anymore,but a new trick is used,we call it SCC(slash crouch cancel).It is a little slower than SDC,and will proceed in a short distance.Also,Dynamo falls very fast,he will not come again.

Axle The Red

There is a Gaea Armor part require jumper,this is why I defeated Skiver so soon.I am waiting for jumper and it just finished!This is Zero’s show time now.Jumper is equipped,it help Zero jump higher,with his double jump,enough to obtain the armor part.

Squid Adler

This stage require Gaea Armor,and the armor have just completed!Though it has a big deficiency at being slow,but it has a very short charge burst,be able to touch spike without death,and destroy black boxes.The shutter can be got through after getting pressing damage invincibility.Squid goes down relatively fast,but his invincibility actually didn’t change(30 frames).

Duff McWhalen again

For the Falcon Armor part,X comes here.The armor part requires Duff’s weapon,so I can’t clear in a time.Enjoy the gunshot show.

Axle The Red again

Once again,life up requires Gaea Armor,just destroy the black boxes and push them,get it easily. After that,all items are collected,the additional chips I equipped for Zero are hyper dash,jumper,Z-saber plus,and Z-saber extend.

Final Stage

Now Zero has the best equipment,you can see he finishes a boss,very very fast,he even doesn’t know boss’ face.I have nothing to say,just enjoy the run!

In-game ending stats:

Play Time:

24' 03"

Hunter Ranks:

Zero: MEH(?)

Special thanks

  • Satoryu for his 100% completion idea
  • Angerfist & Atma for many tricks form their “all stages” run
  • FractalFusion
Thank you for reading this text!(If I make a mistake,please point out)
This is an ending.

Nach: This run is quite good, and I think it should be on the site. The question is how to handle all the branches for this game.
I reviewed what everyone had to say on the forum, IRC, and PMs, and the following runs seem to be what the majority want and make the most sense:
  • Fastest - This obviously uses Zero as he's faster than X for every required stage.
  • Fastest X - Since we have fastest for Zero, we want fastest where X is the only character and show off a change in play.
  • All Stages - A run which goes through all stages in the game, as eight of them are optional. Since Zero is the fastest, he again is used everywhere.
  • Maximum Collection - A run which tries to collect as many items as possible. Since some items can only be gotten with X and some only with Zero, both are used, and we see a bit of variety in the run.
An X only or Zero only max collection run wouldn't really show any game play not already covered by the aforementioned branches. Therefore under current rules, they are extraneous and will be rejected.
Based on this, I'm accepted this run.
Aktan: Processing...

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