Submission #3645: NitroGenesis's PCE Legend of Hero Tonma in 05:08.23

Console TurboGrafx 16 Emulator BizHawk 1.0.4a
Game Version USA Frame Count 18440
ROM Filename Legend of Hero Tonma (U).pce Frame Rate 59.8261054534819
Branch Rerecord Count 3133
Unknown Authors NitroGenesis
Game Legend of Hero Tonma
Submitted by NitroGenesis on 7/4/2012 10:28:01 PM

Submission Comments
This run is 520 frames faster (9 seconds) than DarkKobold's. The main reason is optimization, and neat shortcuts. Thanks to DarkKobold for his previous movie, and thanks to adelikat for calling my run cool on IRC.
Legend of Hero Tonma is a platforming game. It does not feature anyone named Tonma at all. Instead, we follow the quest of a guy named Tommy to rescue some princess from a guy with huge hands.
  • Emulator used: BizHawk 1.0.4a
  • Doesn't really do anything special
  • Genre: Platform

Stuff to Know

  • Tommy stalls for 1 frame when you land from a jump, so it's best to use the least amount of jumps possible.
  • Most bosses have hitboxes for their projectiles. If you stand 1 pixel close to them, they can't hurt you. This is used on the first boss and the second.
  • When Tommy moves in any direction in midair, he will keep moving in that direction, there's no way to get him stationary again.
  • Tommy can flap his cape to stay in midair longer. This is used on bossfights to get more hits in, and in levels to cross parts that would normally need two jumps with one. He can't flap it in mid-descent, however.

BizHawk differences

Obviously, this game has some emulation differences in BizHawk due to being more accurately emulated. There's more lag and sometimes, above the HUD, there are some bits of graphics from the level.

Stage notes

Level 1

It's fun to run right for justice. I only saved a miniscule amount of frames in the level, but in the boss fight, I saved a lot of frames by getting in more shots. I managed to defeat him before he turns around.

Level 2

A vertical level. Most of the savings come from the boss fight.

Level 3

Run right for justice again. The only savings in the level were from less jumps, so I saved frames in the boss again.

Level 4

Faster climbing and better boss fight.

Level 5

The main reason I started TASing this game is because of a shortcut I found here - Instead of having to wait for the enemy to come to bounce off of, I use the bricks above to jump up to the next platform. There is some better enemy manipulation.

Level 6

Nothing to say, just optimized.

Final Boss

More shots in per jump, other then that, pretty sameish. The End.
StageFrames savedTotal
Suggested Screenshot: Frame 8723

DarkKobold: Judging!

turska: Claiming for judging in agreement with DarkKobold.

turska: Accepting for publication as an improvement to the published movie.
Legend of Hero Tonma (USA).pce
md5sum:    cfaa094419809446cabfe739995e22ee
sha1sum:   a87586ae18bd36f1c32e08b8b7a55afc6532fb3e
sha256sum: 0bf74f9e89676f4bfaefdcbca7d651641146ee83ad71499ebb0c503aaceb7237

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