Submission #3666: Cooljay's SNES Lethal Weapon in 23:46.18

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x
Game Version USA Frame Count 85571
ROM Filename Lethal Weapon(USA).sfc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 5879
Unknown Authors Cooljay
Game Lethal Weapon
Submitted by Cooljay on 7/31/2012 4:54:21 AM

Submission Comments
Lethal Weapon for the SNES is one of many licensed titles to be made by Ocean Software. It's a Shooter/Platformer that constantly tests the player's endurance with swarms of enemies and puzzles.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Snes9X v 1.51
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses death to save time..?
  • Abuse programmer errors and glitches
  • Contains Speed Entertainment tradeoffs


I wanted to finish this run, because I felt all the cool stuff I found would've went to waste. I tried to look for a few more glitches and stuff just to get as much speed back as I could.
Glitches Used: Double Shot(Fire two bullets at the expense of one by jumping right at the beginning moments of firing)
Bouncing(During the last frames of almost hitting ground press/hold jump, and you will jump again without the standing animation)
Gun Posing ( Not a glitch of use persay, but if you firing on the last frames of falling. The Player will hold his gun in the air)
Clipping- (Two glitches I use of abuse clipping errors. One for platform to skip a part of the level. Another from firing and crouching on a certain angle.)

Workflow comments

For the most part in this run I make judgements for what enemies to take out, take damage from or jumping over as low as possible. There was constant planning on routes, and trying to evade waiting for anything too long. Some routes had payoffs others did not. Timing was essential for all the levels. Jumping too high or waiting too long would end up costing a lot of trouble ahead in a current screen.

Other comments

The Audience will enjoy seeing me go through the levels in a fast paced manner. They will also enjoy seeing the constant glitch abuse that makes the player look overpowered.
If there were to be more glitches found that could either skip a level or clip past the barriers. Then that's the only dramatic improvement I could suggest.

Special Thanks To

Feos, Mklip, Fractal Fusion - For Feedback and inspiration to finish.

I'm Truncated and what is this? An unclaimed submission? Not any more!

Truncated: This was not that easy to decide. Even though the game is not that great, there is some potential. There is quite a lot of left-over ammo which could have been used to save time. It was mentioned that the menus at the beginning are not properly optimized. One option was to accept it to encourage an improvement in the future. To me, this requires a good viewer response in spite of technical mistakes. Since there hasn't been such a response, in the end, I have decided to reject it. A better optimized movie would probably be accepted. Good luck next time!

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