Submission #3690: TheZlomuS, DyLaX's NES Battletoads "Glitched" in 01:02.68

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator fceux v2.1.6
Game Version USA Frame Count 3767
ROM Filename Battletoads (U).nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Glitched Rerecord Count 190
Unknown Authors TheZlomuS
(Additionally: DyLaX)
Game Battletoads
Submitted by TheZlomuS on 9/4/2012 3:21:08 PM

Submission Comments
TAS by DyLaX.
I make "Game Over" in Level 3 Glitch.
  • fceux v2.1.6
  • usa
  • warp
  • level 3 glitch
  • one death by player 2
  • Fastest possible?
  • Battletoads is a game in which we overcome the obstacles, in order to save kidnapped princess by the Dark Queen.
  • The hardest part was calling the "Game Over", but with the right parameters, it worked.
  • TAS has been corrected for the 1 and 3 levels by DyLaX.
Movie speeds almost completing the game by ~10 minutes. The last movie is this movie:

feos' comment

input after suicide creates tons of broken objects that get read from $0B in RAM and then the pointer jumps over $B addresses each time (object descriptor line length), thinking he reads from ROM. giving him needed values is pretty much possible. especially creating objects by direct input (that is stored in $15 and $16). but some objects need special attribute values, that aren't read from descriptor lines, but loaded other ways. finding the ways to load the needed values, and figuring out the very values and addresses - will take time until this submission is obsoleted

Nach: I've taken a few days to mull over the situation here, and was mindful of everyone's comments in the forum, as well as on IRC.
The previous run found a shortcut in level 3 which essentially leads to a buffer overflow. Instead of abusing that glitch to its fullest, it simply took the data initially written there and skipped a single level. This run now fully abuses that glitch by writing new data and using it to skip 14 levels straight to the final boss fight room.
Now entertainment wise, I vastly prefer the previous run, and even find that run star worthy. However since the same initial glitch is used, even if not fully abused, the precedence in this situation is to have the faster run obsolete the other, despite a drop in entertainment.
In general, based on what we now know about Battletoads, I find that this game deserves 3 main branches.
  1. Glitched (this branch) - fastest completion, even if not very entertaining, skips as much as possible.
  2. 1p warpless - so you can see how quick the game can be beaten without being able to fully beat up the enemies, and make use of team attacks, and without skipping anything.
  3. 2p warpless - which in theory is the fastest way to beat the game without massive glitches, and significant skips, showing off the full game.
Of course another branch for an absolutely crazy playaround would also be acceptable.
I've found this run to live up to our standards, and the feedback overall was very good. Based on the precedence, I am accepting this run to obsolete the previous.

Nach: Since the previous movie is terrific, and many have asked for it, to give it the recognition it deserves, I have starred it, as short as that may last. This run should not be published with a star. A moon would be fine.

Guga: Processing...

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