Submission #3994: Tee-N-Tee's Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog in 14:28.60

Sega Genesis
(Submitted: Sonic The Hedgehog)
Gens 11a
Sonic The Hedgehog (W) (REV01) [!].bin
Submitted by Tee-N-Tee on 6/23/2013 5:56 PM
Submission Comments
Today marks Sonic's 22nd anniversary, what better way to celebrate this momentous day in video game history than with a new TAS :D

Game objectives

General Comments

This run improves the currently published movie by 3695 in-game frames (1 minute 1.58 seconds). It breaks down as follows.
LevelNew TimePrevious TimeFrames Saved
Green Hill 10:23::430:23::48-5
Green Hill 20:13::030:13::030
Green Hill 30:30::450:30::450
Marble 10:15::040:15::040
Marble 20:10::570:15::19-262
Marble 30:27::250:27::250
Spring Yard 10:21::310:21::310
Spring Yard 20:26::100:26::12-2
Spring Yard 30:40::150:42::31-136
Labyrinth 10:34::060:34::07-1
Labyrinth 20:25::340:25::50-16
Labyrinth 30:27::261:03::34-2168
Star Light 10:15::360:15::360
Star Light 20:10::200:10::21-1
Star Light 30:26::220:26::37-15
Scrap Brain 10:28::390:31::19-160
Scrap Brain 20:11::450:27::14-929
Scrap Brain 30:09::420:09::420
860 frames were lost due to longer score tallies and 416 on grounds of the longer transition to Scrap Brain 3. The gains and losses through capsule animals manipulation evened out. 3 less lag frames. My choice for a different ending lengthened the input file by 205 frames. All in all this results in a saving of 2217 real-time frames (36.95 seconds).

Level Comments/Improvements

Green Hill 1

  • I hit the Buzz Bomber from the bottom and gain extra speed towards the ground (0:09), this makes the following jump just high enough to hit the spring → 3 frames
  • Higher exit speed out of the loop → 2 frames

Marble 2

  • Different setup for the level wrap → 262 frames

Spring Yard 2

  • Slightly higher speeds (0:11-0:17) → 2 frames

Spring Yard 3

  • New zip (0:20) → 136 frames

Labyrinth 1

  • Jumped a frame earlier in front of the third Burrobot (0:11) → 1 frame

Labyrinth 2

  • Jumped on the button from the right side (0:23) → 16 frames

Labyrinth 3

  • I saw a video by "SonicBoom737" where he used a cork in Scrap Brain 3 to attain zipping speed. I applied it in this level and succeeded in the level wrap → 2168 frames

Star Light 2

  • A marginally lower jump (0:01) got me into zipping position a frame earlier → 1 frame

Star Light 3

  • Subpixel positioning made me get the good zipping speed on the first possible frame of zipping (0:07) → 5 frames
  • While glitching through a wall, I got ejected 64 pixels further downwards (off-screen) → 5 frames
  • Same as the first zip (0:12) → 4 frames
  • The spike ball hit Dr. Robotnik one frame earlier (7th hit), since I jumped on the seesaw at a higher point → 1 frame

Scrap Brain 1

  • I managed to get to the upper route after the zip → 160 frames

Scrap Brain 2

  • Jumping off the cogs gains enough speed to pass through the wall. At first I thought, jumping off the second one would be disadvantageous, since it disallows the level wrap but zipping to the right, across the whole level, turned out to be 13 frames faster compared to a hypothetical level wrap → 929 frames

Concluding Comments

Thanks to my sis for introducing me to Sonic when I was a child :) I'd also like to thank Mike89, watching his performance of Sonic 1,2,3&K at CGDQ sparked my interest in Sonic speedrunning and eventually tasing, Aglar and marzojr for their run on this site, latter especially for his two lua scripts that eased tasing a lot. FuzZerd, Upthorn, Carretero and JXQ for their TASes of this game, NitroGenesis for his comment that made me push the Marble 2 time down to 10, SonicBoom737 for his video that displayed the cork zip and ultimately TimpZ for his streaming of Sonic 2 attempts, which was the perfect relaxation between tasing sessions.
Without all of you, this run wouldn't have been possible <3

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: A very good run and a very solid improvement to its predecessor. Accepting as an improvement to the previous run.
feos: Publishing...
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