Submission #4155: marzojr's Genesis Tails in Sonic The Hedgehog in 13:21.87

Sega Genesis
(Submitted: Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog)
Gens 11b
Submitted by marzojr on 1/6/2014 12:22:02 AM
Submission Comments
New tricks, more precision and tricks from the newest Sonic run combine to a movie that is 00:57.82 faster than the previous version.
This run uses the 2.1.1 version of Pu7o's Miles 'Tails' Prower in Sonic the Hedgehog hack.

Game objectives


Here are the improved acts:
ActNew timeOld timeSavings
Green Hill 30:26::550:28::15-80
Marble 10:10::250:13::23-178
Marble 20:10::570:14::19-202
Marble 30:25::440:27::08-84
Labyrinth 10:10::150:24::39-864
Labyrinth 20:17::290:24::08-399
Labyrinth 30:17::400:26::47-547
Star Light 10:13::250:17::12-227
Star Light 30:22::360:24::18-102
Scrap Brain 20:09::460:19::13-567
Scrap Brain 30:07::480:08::45-57
The times given are the in-game timer values. The value after the final colon pair indicates the in-game frame counter, and is restricted to the 0-59 range. It is updated every frame (except during lag frames), and increments the in-game second when resetting to zero.

Stage by stage comments

Green Hill 3

New route using the middle path and speed shoes. The Sonic 1 loop system is broken beyond belief, and is abused for this new route; enormous speed carried all the way through to the boss.

Marble 1

Entering the wall using raw speed, then zipping to the other side and going through the rest of the level normally. Tee-N-Tee suggested this wall entrance.

Marble 2 & 3

The new zips from the latest Sonic run.

Labyrinth 1

Abusing the fly-into-walls glitch found by Aglar for the S3&K run, a brand new level wrap is used to destroy this level. The level wrap is further enhanced by abusing the camera lock mechanism not once, but twice.

Labyrinth 2

The fly-into-walls glitch is used for a new shortcut. A new way of breaking the monitor and stepping on the switch is used. Better precision until the level wrap.

Labyrinth 3

The fly-into-walls glitch is used once again to create a new level wrap. Poor level...

Star Light 1

Using the zip from the Sonic run.

Star Light 3

Greatly improved precision throughout the level, including breaking a loop. Much better boss fight.

Scrap Brain 2

Uses the same setup for the zip from the Sonic run, but does a level wrap instead as WST proved it is faster for Tails.

Scrap Brain 3

Better precision, better handling of speed (vertical and horizontal, during in-wall flight) are responsible for this improvement.

Final Zone

Using Aglar's pause trick to exchange real-time for in-game time.

Other Comments

Possible improvements: Just wait long enough and someone will suggest one...
Thanks to Kiske for inspiring me to put this together, for improving my version of GHZ3, for a faster strategy for the LZ1 level wrap and for figuring out the SBZ2 zip (the latter was removed in favor of a new trick, but...). Thanks to Tee-N-Tee and Aglar for their respective tricks. Thanks to WST for explaining how to fall through the floor at the end of SBZ2.

feos: Judging...
feos: Replaced the submission file with the 39-frame improvement.
feos: Replaced the submission file with the 34-frame improvement.
feos: Setting to Delayed by author's request.
feos: Accepting and publishing...
marzojr: Fixing embedded encode.
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